Her Top 11: iFundWomen Founder and CEO Karen Cahn

Karen Cahn

Karen Cahn doesn’t just believe in women — she puts her money where her mouth is. Cahn, an entrepreneurship expert, is the founder and CEO of iFundWomenTM, a crowdfunding ecosystem designed specifically for early-stage female entrepreneurs.

“There is a complete lack of funding options for early-stage female entrepreneurs,” explains Cahn. “Regardless of the founder’s gender, only one percent of all companies will ever raise venture capital. So, what do the other 99 percent of startups do? They try to take out a bank loan, or they max out their credit cards. Nobody should go into debt funding the early days of their startup.” In order to help, Cahn launched her New York City-based company in November 2016.

iFundWomen was created to provide easy access to coaching, creative resources, and connections that help women kick off and grow their ideas. One of the biggest goals of the company, though, is providing access to capital: iFundWomen raises millions of dollars for hundreds of female-lead startups, ranging from non-toxic skincare to a personal favorite of Cahn’s, SheFlyTM. “They’ve developed a layerable line of outdoor pants for women that allows women to comfortably, safely, and easily relieve themselves in the outdoors,” explains Cahn. For women who love outdoor activities, such as hiking, camping, and climbing, that’s a total gamechanger.

The 40-something mom of two is a fan of outdoor sports herself, playing golf, yoga, and tennis when she has room in her schedule. However, these days, the Canton, Massachusetts, native says she spends “all of her time” during office hours driving funding to female entrepreneurs. But, when she isn’t working (read: unwinding) or if she’s getting ready for a full day ahead, she’s got a solid beauty routine that she’s “very into.” Here are 11 products she can’t live without.

Photo by Maria Karas
  • Vintner’s Daughter® Active Botanical Serum ($185): “People who I thought had great skin were using face oil, so I went out and bought face oil. I love face oils because they make me glow. I like the way they feel. I use [this] every day, twice a day: in the morning and at night. This product is as unbelievable as everyone says. If you only take my advice on one product, it’s this one.”
  • Supergoop!® Unseen SunscreenTM ($32): “I use this as my everyday sunblock, and I keep it in my bag wherever I go. I use it every morning. The first thing I do is use my face oil, then I will put on the Supergoop!, and then I put on Laura Mercier® Tinted Moisturizer.”
  • Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer ($46): “It’s my foundation, it’s super light. I like it because it has SPF. It gives me a no-makeup look. It evens out the color of my skin and gives me an even palette to work with.
  • Glossier® Balm Dotcom® ($12): “It’s a universal skin salve. I constantly apply it during the day. It’s got a little bit of cherry tint and smells like cherries. Glossier is truly an intergenerational brand. It’s the brand we use in our house. I love their products. They’re little and cute.”
  • L’Oréal® True Match® Lumi GlotionTM Natural Glow Enhancer ($9): “This was a find from Olivia Owens, iFundWomen’s marketing manager. One day, she had a shoot and came out of the bathroom with her face glowing. It was her Lumi Glotion, so I went and bought it. Mix it in with your moisturizer, and it gives you the perfect glow. I’m obsessed with it.”
  • Glossier Cloud Paint® ($18): “I use Cloud Paint as my blush and mix and match between all of the colors. Don’t ask me to pick a favorite shade! I have Dusk, Puff, and Storm. When I put on Cloud Paint, I dab a little on, mush it into my cheeks, and layer on different colors, depending on how [pale] I am that day and if I need to be on camera.”
  • Glossier Lidstar® Duo ($18): “I’m not really an eyeshadow person, but I love Lidstar Duo because I can put it on my finger. I use the color Moon all over my lid and then on the inside corner of my eye, by my nose, to make me look younger and to shine, because I look tired. At night, if I’m going out on the town, I’ll smear some of the color Fawn on my lid.”
  • Gilly’s OrganicsTM Sugar Scrub ($18): “Gilly’s crowdfunded on iFundWomen, and I honestly use this every night, in the bath. I put organic coconut oil in the bath, two sprinkles of lavender essential oil, and I use Gilly’s Organics Sugar Scrub; I scrub my whole body from head-to-toe. I use it all over my face, arms, and body. It’s my treat for myself. I love the way it smells. I love that you can eat it. It’s part of my routine. I’m very into my routine.”
  • Glossier Boy Brow® ($16): “Boy Brow is part of my everyday routine. I use it in the morning. I don’t need to reapply it. I like it because it’s a very easy product to use. I really can’t do my brows with a pencil. Boy Brow is like mascara for your brows. The products that I buy need to be small, portable, easily-accessible, and useful, because I don’t have eight million makeup bags — I have one. Boy Brow is a little tube.”
  • Goop® Exfoliating Instant Facial ($125): “This is my favorite product to use when I’m ready to wash the day away. I use it in the bath at night. I use it sparingly, because it’s so expensive. I only use it once a week, because I don’t think I can afford to use it more. I put it on, and I leave it on for three or four minutes. It tingles, and I wash it off. It cleans out all the gunk. It deeply exfoliates any dead skin and blackheads. It’s just a great exfoliator. I guess that’s why it’s expensive!”
  • Glossier Lash Slick® ($16): “I’m addicted to lash extensions. I usually have lash extensions on my top lashes. Lash Slick, I’ll use on the bottom lashes. It doesn’t make them longer or bigger. It’s very minimal. It doesn’t look like you’re wearing mascara. When the fake top lashes fall off, I’ll fill them in with Lash Slick.”
  • Photo by Maria Karas

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