The Pretty Pink Skincare Ingredient Your Complexion Will Love

pink salt

Whether you’ve seen it in Himalayan salt lamps or on your coolest friend’s kitchen table, pink salt is decidedly more interesting than regular sodium chloride. And, like many edible wellness trends (hi, kombucha), the stuff has made it into skincare formulations. (Just take it from Too Cool For School®; the brand recently launched an entire line dedicated to the stuff, dubbed the Pink Mineral Salt Skincare CollectionTM.)

Pink salt’s signature salmon shade comes from trace amounts of iron oxide (rust), explains Michelle Schlekewey, Director of Guest Programs and Services at Golden Door Spa®. And, as it turns out, the ingredient isn’t just pretty. “Himalayan salt crystals specifically contain dense amounts of minerals,” says Ashley Brown, Director of Education for Too Cool for School.

Let’s break down the benefits of these minerals: they happen to be effective pore cleansers. For one, pink salt contains chromium, which can fight acne-causing bacteria, says Master Esthetician Julie Newman. Another mineral found in salt, zinc, can also help thwart acne. By regulating oil gland production and tamping down on excess sebum, it ultimately prevents pimples, says Brown. Zinc can also help heal inflamed skin and even soothe wounds and prevent scarring. Lastly, pink salt contains sulfur, a pore decongestant and overall skin detoxifier. The mineral trio can balance overactive sebaceous glands, ultimately promoting stronger, clearer, more resilient skin, says Brown.

Luckily, you don’t have to jet off to the Himalayas to get the mineral-rich toning benefits of its eponymous salt. Try the Too Cool For School Mineral Pink Salt Deep Cleansing WaterTM ($24), which features the hero ingredient plus seawater and soothing lavender and orange oils. The salt cleanses away any dirt and debris, while the seawater restores hydration to your complexion.

For an even quicker salt hit, head to the kitchen (of course!) to DIY your own treatment. Schlekewey suggests mixing a simple at-home toner. Just add one teaspoon of pink salt with four ounces of warm water. Pour into a spray bottle, shake, and spritz as needed to reap the powerful mineral benefits.

For the most intense skin-toning, salt-laden experience, consider indulging in a pink salt facial. These aptly-named treatments have been sprinkled into an increasing number of spa offerings as of late. Most include Himalayan salt, which typically functions similarly to a microdermabrasion treatment by spewing a steady, exfoliating stream of the crystals on to your skin. Sometimes, this is paired with other professional skin therapies like LED. (Read about one writer’s experience with a Pink Salt Facial here.)

The benefits of pink salt don’t stop at the face. Newman hails the ingredient as an excellent muscle-soothing, glow-promoting bath accessory. Her pick: Dr. Teal’s® Himalayan Salts ($16). For an extra dash of skin-soothing goodness, Schlekewey suggests adding a cup of whole milk into the water for what she calls a detox bath. “Pour this into the water and prepare to feel a skin-rejuvenating effect,” she asserts, hailing it for calming skin conditions like psoriasis. Who knew soaking up salt could be so good for your skin?

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