This Best-Selling Top Coat Is a Must For At-Home Manicures

Seche Vite Top Coat

I don’t have many pet peeves, but visible manicure flaws — be it chipping or smudging — certainly irk me. Generally, I paint my nails at home around three times per week; add that to the drying time required, and you have a time-consuming beauty ritual on your hands. (Literally). Over the years, I’ve searched for quick-dry hacks, but none compare to my favorite quick-dry top coat, Seche Vite® Dry Fast Top Coat ($8).

Editorial and celebrity nail artist, Miss Pop says it best: “[The formula] dries completely in a flash,” she notes. “I can give a pedicure and have a model slide into shoes 10 minutes later without sweating a smudge.”

I can personally attest to this phenomenal dry time; more often than not, I complete my at-home manicures just short of 30 seconds before heading out the door. Seche has saved me from arriving somewhere with poorly-painted digits more times than I can count.

In addition to its dry time, the formula is also surprisingly smudge-resistant — even when you use it on top of polish that’s not quite dry. "It never streaks my nail art,” Miss Pop notes. For this reason, she always keeps in her kit for photo shoots.

I have been using Seche Vite ever since I discovered it around three years ago. Immediately, I fell in love with its ultra-glossy, ultra-speedy finish, which made other quick-dry top coats pale in comparison. And, as it turns out, there’s a reason my beloved Seche looks and feels different. According to the brand, the formula actually permeates the nail lacquer instead of simply sitting on top of it. By sinking into the layers of polish beneath it, the top coat literally creates a bond with the underlying varnish. This “polish sandwich,” of sorts, creates a longer-lasting seal than most top coats.

While I love Seche Vite, there are a few less-desirable qualities worth noting. The brush itself is not particularly unique or overly-easy to work with (I prefer a rounder, flatter brush that covers the entire nail in one fell swoop). Secondly — and most importantly if you solely use “clean” beauty products — I’d be remiss not to mention the smell, which is even stronger than the fumes from your average nail polish. You won’t want to breathe it in, either; one of the main ingredients, toluene, has been linked to questionable health risks. (The ingredient can also be found in paint thinner and hair dye.)

Nevertheless, this top coat has unparalleled wear and shine. Best of all, it boasts a drying time that’ll give you full range of motion, stat.  

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