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Jennifer Lopez’s GRAMMYs Ponytail Is Longer Than a List of Her Hit Records

Jennifer Lopez’s GRAMMYs Ponytail Is Longer Than a List of Her Hit Records

Ever since Jennifer Lopez wore that iconic Versace® dress to the GRAMMYs® in 2000, audiences have counted on the star to serve up dramatic looks on the red carpet. And Lopez didn’t disappoint this year: she rocked an ultra-long ponytail that Rapunzel would envy, which cascaded from underneath a dramatic, oversized hat.

John Shearer / Getty Images for The Recording Academy

Celebrity stylist Chris Appleton, working with brand ghd® was responsible for the look, which he called a “lux [sic] pony” on his Instagram® feed. Considering the singer’s hair was considerably shorter just a few days prior, the lengthy locks certainly came courtesy of extensions. The caramel strands were largely straight, with a slight curl at the ends. 

While we admit her bold hat made it a little challenging to see the makeup she was sporting underneath, we observed that Lopez was wearing her signature beauty look: a smoky eye and nude lips. Her incredibly lush, thick lashes made that smoldering eyeshadow even more alluring. The finishing touch was a gorgeous sweep of highlighter across her cheekbones, making her chiseled cheeks pop

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