This “High-Altitude” Moisturizer Is the Only Thing Saving My Skin From Winter Dryness

This “High-Altitude” Moisturizer Is the Only Thing Saving My Skin From Winter Dryness

Winter and I just don’t get along. Let me be clear — it has nothing to do with the cold weather, the business of the holidays, or even the long, dark days. (In fact, much of that doesn’t really bother me until February hits, and I like the opportunity to burn all my candles.) Nope: it’s all about my skin.

You see, I generally treat it with respect and — thankfully — get respect in return. That changes come winter. My complexion gets rough, flaky, and redder than usual, and almost nothing helps. I ditch all my warmer-weather cleansers and seek out richer formulas in the hopes of placating my complexion; but typically, I just have to ride out the literal rough patch(es). Because this process can take up to two months to get through, I’ve continued to search for my holy grail skin solution.

And at long last, I’ve found it, thanks to a new skincare brand called Alpyn BeautyTM, which launched earlier this year. High-powered NYC-based beauty publicist turned Jackson Hole-based beauty entrepreneur Kendra Kolb Butler designed a curated, three-piece assortment consisting of a cleanser, eye balm (another new favorite of mine), and the PlantGenius Melt Moisturizer ($60).

Butler moved to Jackson Hole in 2015 and shortly thereafter opened a series of luxury beauty boutiques. However, she was spurred to launch her own brand when clients told her that the environment’s high altitude was wreaking havoc on their skin. So, she looked to the nature around her — seeing plants were thriving despite the harsh conditions — and used the botanicals of the area to formulate her line.

In the Melt Moisturizer, you’ll find those botanicals (wild arnica and chamomile, calendula, borage, and sage, to be specific), plus hydrating sodium hyaluronate, squalane, and nourishing natural oils. All that sounds like it would make for a thick, possibly greasy formula, but I was delighted to find upon first test that it felt remarkably lightweight.

That’s not to say that it isn’t rich. My skin drank it up like the first hot cocoa of the season, yet without leaving residue. And it still left a desirable dewy radiance. Melt Moisturizer plays well with makeup — which is a must for me — and has a refreshing, uplifting herbaceous smell. Most importantly, the terrible, ubiquitous flaking I’d suffered from went away after just three consecutive applications. And bonus: the cream is the prettiest of pale pinks.

With all this gushing on my part, it should be unsurprising that this quickly became a staple in my routine. My only wish? That Butler launches a version formulated with sunscreen (for obvious reasons) packaged in a pump-topped container. That’s because I want this potion to be protected from the elements (light, bacteria, etc.), just as it helps safeguard my skin.

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