This Skincare Product Is My New Go-To Plumping Product For Lips and Cheeks

This Skincare Product Is My New Go-To Plumping Product For Lips and Cheeks


Pick up any “moisturizing,” “hydrating,” or otherwise quenching skincare product, and chances are you’ll discover that it is loaded with hyaluronic acid —  a naturally-occurring molecule with a unique capacity to hold large amounts of water. Ergo, HA is used in many a plumping products, from moisturizers to lip balms to eye creams.

One particularly HA-laden skincare product, Fillerina® ($165), contains not one, but six different sizes of the molecule. The idea: more hyaluronic acid, more plumping. Moreover, the product claims to build upon itself over two weeks of consistent use — with the ultimate goal of visibly plumper, smoother-looking skin in the area you choose to treat.

Unlike a tub of moisturizer you can dig in to, Fillerina must be applied via specific, measured applicators, which dispense the optimal amount of product for each day. Upon closer inspection, the applicators feature blunt, slanted edges and tiny openings — around the size of a sharpened pencil tip. According to Fillerina Brand Director, Mary Boncutter, “the small truncated tip allows you to apply the gel only where you need to fill wrinkles or plump the lips and cheeks.” Simply measure the gel into the applicator and squirt a thin stream of gel to target the area you want to treat.

The kit comes in a white box covered in clinical-sounding words like “Dermo-Cosmetic.” But you needn’t be a medical professional to understand how to use the product (it’s not a medical treatment!). Open the box, and you’ll see two vials (the “Replenishing Gel” and “Nourishing Film”) and two of the aforementioned applicators.

The instructions are simple: Pierce vial number one with a designated applicator, extract an applicator’s worth of product, and pointedly release the gel in the exact area(s) you want to address. (For me, my plumping preference always lies in my lips and my cheeks). Wait 10 minutes, pat in remaining product, and follow with vial number two — a milky-looking substance that dries down to form a protective film and further lock in moisture. Repeat this sequence every day for two weeks, and you’re on your way to bouncier skin.

But does it work? To answer this question for yourself, you’ll need to be patient. Fillerina requires a treatment cycle of two weeks of consistent use to see noticable effects. In fact, the only effect you’ll notice after a single Fillerina application is intense hydration, Boncutter notes. “It takes the full treatment time to allow the product to build and work,” she explains.  

If you ask me, the most difficult aspect of this product is practicing consistency. Admittedly, I groaned at the thought of carving 20 minutes out of my day — every day for 14 days — to use this product (perhaps this says more about my time management skills than the product itself). But for the sake of fuller-looking lips, I prevailed! After using Fillerina consistently for almost two weeks, I do believe that my lips appear slightly plumper at rest — though certainly not to the degree that a treatment like injectable filler would affect them. Interestingly enough, I noticed that my pout looked the most plush during the 20 minutes a day that I was wearing the serums. If I had to compare it to other sensations I’ve had, I would say that the HA worked like a lip plumping gloss without the side effect of tingling.  

I do think I would use Fillerina again. I’d be curious to try it on deeper facial creases (admittedly, I’m 25 and only have fine lines so far). But until I develop more prominent wrinkles, I’ll continue using plumping products to enhance my lips!


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