6 Anti-Aging Body Lotions To Keep Skin Looking Firm

6 Anti-Aging Body Lotions To Keep Skin Looking Firm

You might hit the gym to keep your body toned, but no amount of treadmill time is going to whip sagging skin into shape. If you’ve noticed it's slacking lately, it might be time to reconsider your body care routine. After all, our limbs — like the skin on our faces — need heavy-hitting anti-agers to combat dryness, hyperpigmentation, and collagen loss. Below, six youth-preserving body lotions that tone with a side of TLC.  While this SPF-spiked formula may not reverse the clock, the Glytone® Daily Body Lotion ($54) does contain one of the most powerful anti-agers known to science — sunscreen. Remember: even if you’ve skimped on sun protection in the past, it’s never too late to start thwarting additional UV damage. Oftentimes, dehydrated skin translates to crepey skin. The Crepe Erase® Intensive Body Repair Treatment ($75) contains all of the usual hydrating suspects, including coconut oil, olive oil, shea butter, and beeswax to instill and retain suppleness — and make wrinkly skin look less pronounced.As the name suggests, Hydropeptide® Firming Moisturizer ($96) is full of peptides (i.e. amino acid chains that help maintain skin’s structure). One of the most notable peptides, dubbed “Oligopeptide-68,” slows down the production of dark spots and hyperpigmentation, which both tend to increase with age. Another peptide, hydrolyzed soy protein, helps to lock in moisture for more supple skin.If we’re being honest, we’d buy this Dr. Barbara Sturm® Anti-Aging Body Cream ($105) for its chic, understated packaging alone. Luckily, it’s also laced with antioxidants, plenty of skin-smoothing oils, and a healthy dose of skin-brightening vitamin C. In short: worth the splurge.If you can’t book an appointment with renowned aesthetician, Tracie Martyn, her cult-classic products are the next best thing. Case in point: the Resculpting Body Serum® ($98) is infused with anti-aging enzymes that work over time, plus light-reflecting particles for a hit of instant visual gratification. Not to mention, the formula is 100 percent natural. The first thing you’ll notice about the SkinCeuticals® Body Tightening Concentrate ($78) is how icy it feels upon application. The zing helps to instantly whip skin into shape (and wake you up!) while hydrolyzed rice protein — the hero ingredient — works to make skin look and feel more taut over time.  

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