This Beauty Wand Continues to Sell Out — Here’s What the Hype Is All About

Spencer Barnes Instant Sculpting Wand

Recently, a curious, penlike product rolled across my desk. What initially caught my eye was its sleek silver exterior, but it was the lofty product claims — smoothing, contouring, tightening, and plumping the face — that piqued my interest (and awakened my skeptic senses).

The Spencer Barnes LATM Facial Instant Sculpting Wand ($84), as it’s called, was developed by celebrity makeup artist, Spencer Barnes (who counts Julianne Hough and Maria Menounos as clients). The wand is intended to be used on areas that need an extra dose of gravity-defying action — including the chin, neck, crow’s feet, cheeks, and even the lips. Says Barnes, “[I created the product to have] instant and long term effects on visual signs of facial aging.”  

To activate the (almost) magic wand, you click a button at the top (similar to a ballpoint pen). Once activated, it oozes a milky serum via a metal rollerball tip. The serum is spiked with a bevy of ingredients — which, I learned, truly do work both instantly and over time. Specifically, hyaluronic acid — a molecule which holds 1,000 times its weight in water — instantly instills plumpness. On the flip side, it’s laced with caffeine, which “aids in reducing puffiness and brings blood to the surface,” explains Barnes. A few swipes of this product in the morning helps to reduce my undereye puffiness. (I presume this is thanks to both the caffeine and the coolness of the metal rollerball.)

In addition to the instant plumpers, peptides, and vitamin C help spur collagen and brighten hyperpigmentation, respectively, while over time, squalene “aids in releasing and relaxing deep expression lines,” Barnes attests. While I can’t speak to the long term effects quite yet, I can confirm that these are some seriously efficacious ingredients.

For best results — especially if you’re looking for an instantaneous lifting effect — Barnes recommends gliding the wand over the skin in an upward motion, starting from the neck, up to the jawline, and then across the face and cheekbones. His suggested application technique reminds me of using a gua sha tool — a tool which relieves facial puffiness and contours by moving fluids around. Unlike a gua sha, though, this wand simultaneously dispenses the aforementioned, super-potent serum.

I have tried the recommended application technique (and love how it feels!). However, I’ve found myself using the wand primarily as a targeted under eye treatment. I’ve also tried it on my lips before lipstick, which results in a plumper looking pout. Lastly, I’ve found that a few quick rolls can help to soothe tension headaches when I’m feeling stressed. (Perhaps not its intended use, but hey — whatever works, right?). If nothing else, this wand certainly raises the bar on what a true multipurpose product looks like.  


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