Jewelry Maven Jennifer Fisher Shares Her Favorite Destinations For Beauty, Skincare, and Wellness Treatments

Jennifer Fisher

You know that one friend who has the best recommendations for everything? That’s Jennifer Fisher.

There’s no question that the godmother of silver and gold is an expert on how to create a perfectly unique charm necklace. Her namesake line (which launched in 2005 as a cool-girl solution to “mom jewelry") has become synonymous with “statement jewelry” and counts stars like Michelle Obama, Jennifer Lopez, and every supermodel — from the Hadid sisters to Emily Ratajkowski — as fans. But in addition to knowing exactly how to plan a flawlessly curated arm party, she also knows where to go for the best haircut on the Upper East Side, and which primer to use to make your skin look photoshopped in real life.

While fashion may be Fisher’s primary calling, beauty and wellness are a close second. She’s dealt with her fair share of health scares — including Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and a bout with a desmoid tumor — and taking time to care for herself is a priority. And for what it’s worth, she certainly knows how to do it the right way. Scroll through for all of her recommendations worth stealing — including where she goes to zen out, and the exact nail polish she uses for two weeks worth of creative energy.

Haircut: Jessica Gillin at Serge Normant SM. "She's been cutting my hair for 10-plus years. Any girl that has a cool haircut goes to her.”

Color: Jeremy Tardo at Benjamin SalonSM in Los Angeles. “He's currently transitioning my hair from platinum back into a brighter blonde."

Blowout: “Jess Gillin either comes to me or I go to her. I also love Xavier at Serge Normant if Jessica isn't available. He's amazing and understands how to do your hair with a slight bend."Makeup: "I cannot live without Chantecaille® Just Skin ($74). I use it every day. I blend a combination between glow and warm in the palm of my hand. I now am really into Mally Beauty® — she makes a great poreless primer ($35). You pat it on your face before putting on your tinted moisturizer. I get really shiny and oily and it helps mattify your skin. My favorite powder is Chanel® ($60).

“My favorite blush is Tom Ford® [Cheek Color] ($62) or Glossier® [Cloud Paint] ($18). My favorite mascara is Glossier [Lash Slick] ($16) or Hourglass Cosmetics® [Caution Extreme Mascara] ($29). [For] brows, it is a combination of Chantecaille [Waterproof Brow Definer] pencil ($36) and Anastasia Beverly Hills® Brow Gel ($22). For contouring, I use Chanel [Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Colour Stick] ($45) or Chantecaille.

“Gloss is from Ulta Beauty® — it is a coconut oil for your lips. It's amazing. I ended up going there because my daughter wanted to find new beauty palettes. As I was perusing the shelves, I found this amazing lip oil that's sort of like a clear gloss. I don't wear color because I have so much color in my lips already. Also, I am obsessed with Glossier gloss ($14). It’s small and fits in most compact bags.”

Nails: i-Plaza Nail & Spa in Tribeca. "I have recently being doing one coat of OPI® Bubble Bath gel on my nails because it will last me a week and a half."

Lashes: "I used to get lashes until I got an eye infection — now I am against them."

Eyebrows: Robert Sweet William at Barney's. "He is amazing. I also go to Benefit® to get my brows and lashes tinted."

Facials: "Joanna Vargas for her Triple Crown Facials. She uses microcurrent. It is an amazing experience all in one. I do Ultherapy once a year with Dr. Pat Wexler."

Wellness: "Me, myself, and I. I have learned so much about food over the years given the fact that I have had Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. When I was trying to get pregnant, I was very careful about my diet. I have a hypoactive thyroid which means I have a very slow metabolism, therefore I have been gluten free for the past eight years. I pretty much eat a plant-based diet sans soy now because of my tumor, but I do eat dairy. I eat very little red meat. It's more fish and grains, but I do love a hamburger every so often.”

Fitness Place: "Hot yoga. It’s my only zen place." [Fisher is keeping her favorite spot top secret, but we like Y7 Studio® for its balmy — but not scorching — infrared-heated rooms.]

Spiritual Healer: "My publicist, Nina [Stuart].”

Personal Shopper: "Me. I was a stylist for 12 years before I became a jewelry designer."

Personal Chef: “[Also] Me. I always say, I don't go to therapy, I cook.”  

Infrared Sauna: Higher Dose®. "Infrared sauna, always. When I have the time."


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