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Struggling to Find the Perfect Holiday Present For the Man In Your Life? Take Spotlyte’s Skincare Gifting Quiz!

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We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: gifting men the perfect holiday present can be a huge challenge. Many guys don’t drop a lot of hints throughout the year, and still others will claim “you always find something great!” As endearing as that is, it’s also frustrating — because it often leads to a frantic, last-minute shopping spree that ends with the purchase of . . . another generic tie. Or worse yet, a gift card.

It’s high time you gave him something that he not only deserves, but will love using — and we believe that something should be skincare. Every man can benefit from a solid skincare routine (or an upgrade to the one he already has). To make gifting incredibly simple, we’ve created a quiz that — regardless of your budget or knowledge of his skin — will guide you to the perfect set of products. Along with the curated set, you’ll receive tips on how to use the products, which you can print and wrap along with them. (And, if you decide on keeping some of these sets yourself, we won’t tell!) Click below to get started.

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