Review: The New SkinMedica LUMIVIVE System Protects Skin From the Aging Effects of Blue Light

ear sunscreen.” It’s a phrase I must have heard my mother say over a thousand times before I was even old enough to understand verbal communication. It wasn’t until post-college, however, that I actually heeded her advice. (Writing about the damaging effects of UV rays for a living tends to do that to a person.) Now, I diligently slather my face in protection, even when — especially when — it’s snowing outside.

Since then, I’ve added antioxidant-rich serums, hats, and an affinity for the shady side of the street to my roster of skin-protecting measures. Just as I was becoming rather smug with my seemingly all-encompassing protective measures, I began hearing whisperings of a new threat. It’s called blue light. The newly-discovered skin ager can be found in the sun’s rays, but it’s also emitted from a source that is arguably more pervasive than UV: mobile phone and computer screens.

Luckily, skincare researchers were toiling away at a protective measure before I had a chance to fully fret. The new SkinMedica LUMIVIVETM System ($265) contains two corresponding serums. The products work in tandem to tend to your skin 24/7. Literally.

The Day Damage Defense Serum contains the aforementioned blue light protection. The formula  is spiked with bioflavinoids and theobroma cacao seed extract, which both work together to create an imperceptible barrier against your (many) screens. What’s more, the formula protects not only from the laptop screen I’m currently glued to, but it also fends off skin-aging pollutants —think smog, smoke, etc. — by way of antioxidants.

In contrast, the Night Revitalize Repair Complex acts as more of a regenerative product. It does not provide blue light protection (scrolling through Instagram at 1 a.m. is detrimental to your circadian rhythm, anyway!), but it does contain a host of science-laden ingredients (specifically, mitoquinol mesylate and mirabilis jalapa callus extract) which support the skin’s essential nighttime repair processes. Consider this formula your overnight reboot for fresher skin the following day.

From a sensorial standpoint, the Day and Night formulas are virtually imperceptible. Both are fragrance-free, a nondescript shade of pale, and feel like a thin, milky lotion. They’re really remarkable where it counts, and particularly fast-absorbing (a godsend when I’m running late and just want to layer my skincare on, stat). Plus, it’s virtually impossible to waste the formulas, thanks to pumps which dispense just the right amount of product. (Proof that the sleek silver bottles are just as functional as they are pretty.)

Go forth and protect against free radicals, pollution and now, blue light. And please — wear sunscreen all the while.

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