Injectable Wrinkle Reducers

How Long Does Injectable Wrinkle Reducer Take to Work?

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It’s 2018, and we can finally fade fine lines with the touch of a button — on a photo app. Injectable wrinkle reducers — substances that temporarily reduce the appearance of moderate to severe facial wrinkles on certain parts of the face — work fairly quickly, though not instantaneously.

According to Utah-based dermatologist, Dr. Steven Jepson, “it takes an average of 48 hours for [the injectable wrinkle-reducing substance] to start taking effect.” For the fullest, smoothest results, you may have to wait up to a few weeks. “Neuromodulators slowly deplete the chemical signal between the nerve and muscle,” he explains.

So, if you’re considering injectables and want the full results before an important event coming up, make sure you plan accordingly! Not to mention, redness or bruising at the injection site is a possible side effect, which is probably not the look you’re going for. (Read more about the possible risks here).

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[Editor’s note: Injectable wrinkle reducers are a temporary, medical treatment designed to smooth the look of moderate to severe lines in certain areas of the face. Like any medical treatment, there are possible side effects and risks, so consult with a doctor to see what’s best for you.]

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