Kirsten Green, Founder of Forerunner Ventures, On Non-Negotiable Skincare

Kirsten Green, Founder of Forerunner Ventures, On Non-Negotiable Skincare

Without Kirsten Green, we might have lived in a world without Glossier® — or at least without the brand as we know it. While the 46-year-old is not responsible for product development, per se, she is a crucial component in the multimillion dollar company’s financial success.

Green is the founder and Managing Partner of Forerunner Ventures, an LA-based venture capitalist firm with a keen eye for what is — and what will be — cool (in addition to Glossier, Green counts Dollar Shave ClubSM, BirchboxSM, and Alchemy43SM as some of Forerunner’s other investments). Says Green of her company: “Our goal is to partner with the most ambitious founders [who are] looking to impact their respective categories by bringing new experiences, products, and services to life for their customers.” Finding these groundbreaking founders and brands requires more than following gut instinct. Rather, it requires Green to carefully forecast “where the market is heading in terms of product trends.”

Despite her massive, almost unfathomable success in reaching the aforementioned goals, Green’s out-of-office habits are proof that self-care and career are far from mutually exclusive. Below, the mother of two (another defining characteristic of this busy woman!) shares some of her non-negotiables.

On the most valuable piece of career advice she has ever received

There are many adjectives to describe Green’s character, but passive is certainly not one of them. “Take ownership for your career,” she asserts. While it’s a seemingly simple tidbit, it’s one that has allowed her to become one of the most eminent investors in what is, frankly, a heavily male-dominated field. “Be proactive in seeking out the opportunities and experiences that will enable you to learn and develop,” she explains.

When asked whether there’s anything onlookers might not expect from her job, Green cites “how often we have to say no [to putting funding behind companies] — and often to compelling founders with attractive businesses.” In other words, whether or not Green and her team decide to invest in a burgeoning business depends on a multitude of factors.

On her unwavering commitment to skincare

While many of us consider it a chore, Green finds solace in her evening skincare routine. “It’s one of my quiet, treasured moments,” she shares, rattling off a ritual that consists of cleanser, a mask, and moisturizer (yes, this is nightly). Her most recent cream of choice: Dr. Macrene® Skin Results® 37 Extreme Actives® ($195), which, she says, “serves as the foundation of [her] skincare regime.” SPF is another foundational staple. “I make an effort [with my skincare] every morning,” she says, “[and] sunscreen is always the focus.”

Like many of us with a soft spot for skincare, Green says she loves trying new products; ergo, her product rotation is always changing. Similarly, she’ll indulge in the occasional facial, though without much consistency. (When she does get them, she swears they make a noticable difference in her skin.)

Naturally, a businesswoman of Green’s stature takes many business trips. For long flights, she always packs a duo of hydrating helpers: a good facial mist and a rejuvenating sheet mask (which she slaps on shamelessly, no doubt). Post-touchdown, Green swears by the Dr. Barbara Sturm® Hyaluronic Serum to reclaim lost moisture ($300).

On her approach to anti-aging

“I aspire to age gracefully,” the 46-year-old shares. “[As a result], I have tried various treatments and products — always with an eye toward maintaining a natural and healthy look.” Similarly, she prioritizes maintaining her overall physical health with nourishing food and quality sleep. “I think taking care of yourself is incredibly important and empowering,” she says. “I like being proactive about it.” On a similar note, Green says she is noticing an uptick in “beauty from within” — a trend rooted in the intersection of wellness and beauty that takes a holistic approach to overall appearance.

On her confidence-boosting beauty look

Before an important meeting, Green’s beauty repertoire is simple: “It’s always mascara and a little [bit of] blush.” As for times that call for lipstick, she chooses a look that’s equally as classic in Chanel® Rouge Coco #51 ($31). Of the semi-matte, classic red shade, she says, “it’s seasonless and it works from day to night.” We couldn't agree more.

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