Get the Look: J. Lo’s Legendary, Luminous Glow

Like a fine wine, Jennifer Lopez is living proof that you can get better with age. At 49, the pop star and mother of twins looks more youthful than ever. From her glowing complexion, killer cheekbones and luscious lips, we think J. Lo is always stunning. In order to glow just a fraction as brightly as she does, we did some research to find out how to achieve similar results ourselves. Good news: while it takes time and money to maintain a skin and beauty regimen that gives you a look as luminous as hers, some of her fountain of youth hacks are completely free.

Lopez swears by getting eight hours of her beauty sleep and reportedly sleeps on her back to avoid wrinkles. “Sleep is my weapon,” she said in a 2006 interview with Contact Music. “I try to get eight hours a night. I think what works best is sleep, water and a good cleanser.” She’s also revealed that she avoids smoking, caffeine, alcohol, and sun exposure to keep her skin wrinkle-free and supple.

According to Dr. Rachel Nazarian of Schweiger Dermatology Group in NYC, those first two vices could be especially harmful to your skin’s health. “Cigarettes contain nicotine and caffeine, which both cause constriction of blood vessels and decreases the flow of blood to the skin and impairs the healing process,” Nazarian explains. “Cigarettes also contain toxic chemicals that (aside from causing skin cancer) degrade collagen and elastin, leading to wrinkles and saggy skin.”

We all know at this point that slathering on sunscreen is essential to keeping your complexion more youthful. (Learn about SPF here.) But just like J.Lo does, it could be worth it for you to cut back on cocktails. “Alcohol dehydrates the skin, causing dullness and loss of that bouncy youthful look, and also interferes with the natural process of the liver,” Dr. Nazarian says.

In addition to getting good sleep and wearing sunscreen exfoliation is key in creating a good skin tone. “Glowing skin is typically from a combination of products that even out color, and also stimulate the renewal of cells,” Dr. Nazarian reveals. She recommends procedures like IPL (intense pulsed light), microneedling and Fraxel® Laser to help remove brown spots and sun spots for a more even look.

Nazarian is also especially fond of monthly chemical peels to smooth skin, because they remove the surface-level dead skin cells that could make you appear dull or tired. “Generally by the second or third peel, skin is smoother, and reflects light nicely, and appears to ‘glow,’” she says. And when shopping for skincare products, make sure to stock up on ones that feature retinol as a star ingredient. “Retinol stimulates new skin cells and to minimize wrinkles,” Dr. Nazarian says. “They are really considered the golden standard for creating collagen under the skin, which helps it maintain a youthful appearance.”

[Editor’s Note: Retinol-based products shouldn’t be used by people who are pregnant or thinking about becoming pregnant.]

Celebrity makeup artist Georgi Sandev, who has worked with Gigi Hadid, Naomi Campbell, Gisele Bundchen and Kendall Jenner, describes Lopez’s go-to glam as “sexy, glamorous bronzed goddess.” If you like Lopez’s look and want to try replicating it yourself, Sandev says to start with a medium-coverage luminous foundation like Clé De Peau Beauté Radiant Fluid Foundation® ($125) or Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation ($43), and combine with concealer or cream foundation two shades lighter on the high points of the face to create a more subtle highlighting effect.

Then it’s time to bronze. “Don’t use one with glitter or sparkle,” Sandev says. (After all, you want a realistic sun-kissed look without the sun damage!) He likes applying Guerlain® Bronzing Powders ($53) to the apples of the cheeks, across the forehead, chin, and nose — exactly where the sun would hit your skin on a day at the beach. He advises topping off your look with an illuminating powder, like Sandev’s favorite, Laura Mercier® Face Illuminator ($44). For a seriously sexy glow, Sandev says to apply “above the cheek contour, gently blending it into the brow bone and temple. Apply in the inner corner of the eyes as well and gently in the center of the nose, bridge to point.” Be sure to blend any harsh edges so you look lit from within. Discover more tips to make your highlighter appear natural here.

Another way to get chiseled cheekbones without using any cosmetics is by getting an injectable filler. (In case you weren’t aware, this is a temporary substance injected into areas of the face to give instant volume.) This look is also achieved by injecting filler into the cheekbones, Dr. Nazarian notes. She adds that when done properly, the cheeks look naturally fuller and the results can last over a year. As with any medical procedure, there is the risk of potential side effects, so ask a doctor what’s best for you. Consult with our team of trained medical aesthetic specialists to find a provider that offers this aesthetics treatment in your area.

[Editor’s Note: It is not known if Jennifer Lopez uses injectable cheek filler.]

Lopez is frequently spotted with especially lush eyelashes, which can be recreated by pairing a volumizing mascara with fake lashes. “Her look is always complemented with a nice extra lash, whether using single lashes for more of a day look, or a full lash in different styles when she’s on stage, or for a more dramatic red carpet look,” Sandev says. If you are aiming to replicate Lopez’s lush lash look, Sandev has a few recommendations. The makeup artist prefers the MAC® Cosmetics 30 Lash ($30) for individual lashes — each pack comes with varying lengths and sizes so you can customize your application based on your needs. For full lash strips, Sandev recommends “lashes that have tapered ends where the hairs thin out towards the end of the lash,” such as Kiss® True Volume Lashes ($4) and Ardell® Faux Mink Lashes ($6), because they look the most realistic.

And of course, Lopez is known for her voluptuous pout, which she achieves by overlining her lips. To score a similar lip look, Sandev recommends overlaying a neutral-toned lip pencil slightly darker than your natural lip color (if working with nude tones) or one to two tones darker than your lipstick. “I also like to apply Dior Addict Lip Maximizer® Plumping Gloss ($34) instead of lip balm before lip liner and lipstick,” he reveals. “Also, I apply a dot of the maximizer in the center of the lip when I finish the look for extra dimension.” This formula contains hyaluronic acid to to help make your pout look plumper.

Instead of using a pumping lip gloss to create the look of fuller lips for just a few hours, you can opt for a longer-lasting (for up to one year) solution: temporary injectable filler. “Injectable hyaluronic acid can be placed in the lips to make them look fuller,” Dr. Nazarian says. “A natural fullness can be achieved within a few minutes.” (If you opt to try enhancing your lips with injections, accentuate them even further with these makeup-artist approved lip colors.)

[Editor’s Note: It is not known if Jennifer Lopez uses injectable lip filler.]

But Lopez also knows that beauty comes from within, which is why she practices daily affirmations. “Affirmations are so important,” she told Harper’s Bazaar. “I am youthful and timeless. I tell myself that every day, a few times a day. It sounds like clichéd bullshit, but it’s not: Age is all in your mind.”

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