11 Products That Dove’s Head Dermatologist Relies on For Radiant Looking Skin

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Some doctors are super straight-laced individuals. Others are highly introverted. Yale-trained, Danbury, CT-based dermatologist Dr. Mona Gohara is neither. The vivacious head derm for Dove is as much of a fashion plate and old-school R&B lover as she is a total skincare expert, which is clear from her Instagram feed. (Where else would you find career inspiration alongside shots of Gucci slingbacks, packages of injectables, and kettlebell squat selfies?)  

Gohara started caring about beauty at the early age of three, thanks to her grandmother. “My grandmother was dogmatic about pedicures, so I insisted on getting them too,” she explains. (She has passed this penchant for pedicures on to her sons: “I always teach them that grooming is important for both genders. I keep their hair cut and feet pedicured!”)

Her culture also played a large role. “Being Egyptian-American, I was also very interested in the kohl that adorns the Egyptian queens’ eyes on the papyrus art in our house,” she shares. ”This prompted me to have an interest in makeup and skin as well.” Skincare traditions included learning to use halawa for hair removal. Halawa, a sticky blend of sugar and water is an old Egyptian custom, but has become popular in the states — you may know it as sugaring.

Today, Gohara’s skincare regimen — which she shares below — includes a wide range of products, methods, and foods. For example, she doesn’t eat dessert (“crazy, but true”). Because of the negative effect that sugars can have on skin’s health, she avoids them. Instead, she opts for fish and nuts, which she loves and swears by for their anti-aging omega 3s.

Unsurprisingly, her routine overlaps heavily with her career specialty: sun protection and skin cancer awareness. Gohara even swears by a particular fashion item to help protect her skin: Rag & Bone® denim button-downs. “Denim offers the best skin protection,” she explains, “because nothing can get through it!” But above all, she reminds us that consistent sunscreen application is key — namely, wearing SPF 30 or higher daily, regardless of skin type or weather conditions. “Make SPF your BFF,” she advises.

Keep reading to discover the top 11 products in her skincare routine!

Obagi® Professional-CTM Serum ($116): “It’s the first thing to touch my face in the morning after a shower — it’s fantastic at getting rid of free radical damage.”

SkinMedica® TNS Essential Serum® ($281): “A [age defying] cult classic amongst derms.”

Dove Beauty Bar ($6 for six): Gohara describes this as “the original non soap cleanser that keeps the skin healthy and soft.”

Skinceuticals® Triple Lipid Restore 2:4:2 ($128): “The smell and the softness that ensues are addictive.”

EltaMD® Skincare UV Facial SPF 30+ ($24): “For daily use, it kills two birds with one stone — protection and moisture.”

IT CosmeticsTM Your Skin But BetterTM CC+TM Cream ($38): “It’s a great base for daily makeup, and it is superb at covering complexion irregularities.”

IT CosmeticsTM Bye Bye Undereye ($26): “My dark circles drive me bananas and this is one of the few things that makes them go away (at least for a while).”

Nutrafol® ($88 for 120 capsules): “This is a supplement for thicker hair — I’m in my early forties, I need this!”

La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water ($10): Dr. Gohara often shares videos of her workouts at her gym, Tuff Girl, where she swears by tabata as it raises the heart rate. (“It increases your blood flow and make the skin glow.”) “I love this to bring down my flush and cool me off after a workout — this is great for when I have to go pick up my boys and do not want to look like a hot mess!”

Eau Thermale Avène RetrinAL ($69): “This builds collagen and decreases its breakdown, and is great at preventing wrinkles in a non irritating way.”

SkinMedica® HA5® Rejuvenating Hydrator ($178): “[This is] a cosmetically elegant infusion of hyaluronic acid that is a facial game-changer.” Gohara also shared that she uses this in tandem with vitamin C, because she finds it to be an especially formidable pairing against the appearance of her crow’s feet. Read our review of HA5® here.

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