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15 Beauty Products That Spotlyte Editors Are Obsessed With For October

Spotlyte Editors Picks : October 2018

Though weā€™ll take nearly any excuse to pamper ourselves with nourishing skin treatments, the start of October might be the best reason. After an oppressive few months of summer, chillier weather has finally arrived, giving our hair a break from humidity and our skin a rediscovered thirst for hydration. Weā€™re also embracing moodier makeup, sultrier scents, and pumpkin anything whenever possible. See some of our editorsā€™ favorite picks for the month below.

Charlotte Tilburyā„¢ Magic Away Liquid ConcealerĀ 

Who: Lauren Levinson, Editorial Director

What:Ā Charlotte TilburyTM Magic Away Liquid ConcealerĀ ($32)

Why:Ā I could skip foundation if IĀ needed to, but concealer ā€” no way. Dark circle plague my under eyes, and redness seems to permanently encircle my nose. Charlotte Tilburyā€™s latest concealer is a fixer for both. The sponge applicator dispenses a creamy, high-coverage formula that blends down to a smooth, powder-like finish. It containsĀ Persian silk tree bark extract, an ingredient known to smooth the appearance of wrinkles around crowā€™s feet and blur discoloration. I also keep it in my bag for on-the-go touch-ups.

Fenty Beauty by RihannaĀ® Stunna Lip Paint Longwear Fluid Lip ColorĀ 

Who:Ā Joslyn Winkfield, Senior Visuals Editor

What:Ā Fenty Beauty by RihannaĀ® Stunna Lip Paint Longwear Fluid Lip ColorĀ in Unveil, ($24)

Why:Ā Every year when fall hits, I go on the hunt for the perfect ā€™90s brown lip color. This time around, Rihanna blessed me by dropping the most beautiful matte chocolate shade I could have asked for. It will be in heavy rotation.

Jergens BrillianceĀ® Skin Illuminating Moisturizer

Who:Ā Emily Orofino, Senior Beauty Editor

What:Ā Jergens BrillianceĀ® Skin Illuminating MoisturizerĀ ($12)

Why:Ā Itā€™s a poorly-kept celebrity beauty secret, but slathering a luminous body cream onto exposed limbs is key for major events. Thatā€™s because skin that reflects light appears more healthy, hydrated, and youthful, while giving it a more even and radiant look. I had never found a formula that worked for me until this one from Jergens crossed my desk ā€” instead of adding a bronze tint (a no-go for my porcelain complexion!) or obvious glitter, it delivers a pinky-gold, pearly glow thatā€™s more chic than showgirl.

OmoroviczaĀ® Silver Skin Saviour

Who:Ā Thia Laurain, Social Media Editor

What:Ā OmoroviczaĀ® Silver Skin SaviourĀ ($125)

Why:Ā This creamy mask is infused with colloidal silver and niacinamides, each known for its anti-bacterial and skin-brightening properties. Itā€™s the perfect quick 10-minute mask for when my skin is feeling congested, and the pleasantly light lemongrass scent is soothing and uplifting.

KAJAĀ® Beauty Mochi Pop Bouncy Blush in Spoils of MarsĀ 

Who:Ā Sophie Wirt, Beauty Editor

What:Ā KAJAĀ® Beauty Mochi Pop Bouncy Blush in Spoils of MarsĀ ($19)

Why:Ā To state the obvious: this stuff is adorable. But in addition to looking like one of my favorite Japanese treats, it alsoĀ feelsĀ like mochi (i.e. cushy). Most importantly, a little bit of product goes a long way to create an ethereal, diffused-looking flush. Itā€™s hard to choose a favorite shade (there are three) but with fall approaching, Iā€™m partial to this plum-like hue.

OuaiĀ® Scalp and Body ScrubĀ 

Who: Lauren

What:Ā OuaiĀ® Scalp and Body ScrubĀ ($38)

Why: Iā€™m always on a quest toĀ KonMariSMĀ my shower, so this two-for-one is a must-keep. The gorgeously-scented (rose, lychee, cedar-wood, and white musk) sugar scrub can be applied on both hair and body. To use on the head, section off hair, apply directly to the scalp, and lather up! It foams into a traditional shampoo that leaves hair squeaky clean ā€” so you definitely need to follow up with conditioner. On the body, it made my skin feel velvety thanks to nourishing coconut oil.

Ā LushĀ® Eyeball Bath Bomb

Who:Ā Joslyn

What:Ā LushĀ® Eyeball Bath BombĀ ($8)

Why:Ā I picked up a few of these sweet smelling and slightly spooky bath bombs to get me in the Halloween mood. While they may look goulish, they dissolve into a thick pink foam in the tub and are made up of some of the most heavenly smells: lavender, rose and ylang ylang.

KriglerĀ® Bouquet Baroque 217

Who:Ā Emily

What:Ā KriglerĀ® Bouquet Baroque 217Ā ($465)

Why:Ā When cooler weather rolls around, itā€™s time for me to break my heavier fragrances out of hibernation. (Thatā€™s because the lower temperatures keep ā€œloudā€ fragrances from projecting too much, letting them stay close to the skin.) Iā€™m especially fond of this new launch from Krigler, which boasts heady jasmine, powdery violet, and spicy cardamom, which all winds down to a base of creamy sandalwood and amber ā€” perfection.

Ā NARSĀ® Cosmetics Climax Mascara

Who:Ā Thia

What:Ā NARSĀ® Cosmetics Climax MascaraĀ ($24)

Why:Ā The tagline of this glossy new mascara is ā€œnever fake itā€ ā€” and with a formula this luxurious, any need for falsies or extensions will be a thing of the past. The oversized brush and whipped, lightweight formula work together to create flexible length and volume that doesn't flake. And the gorgeously graphic packaging means youā€™ll never be shy about public touch-ups ā€” in fact, you might even explicitly seek them out.

Narciso RodriguezĀ® Eau de Parfum RougeĀ 

Who:Ā Sophie

What:Ā Narciso RodriguezĀ® Eau de Parfum RougeĀ ($115)

Why:Ā If youā€™ve ever tried the classic Narciso Fleur Musc, I dare you to give this one a whiff. Itā€™s both subtle and intensely sexy (bulgarian rose, vetiver), making it one of the few fragrances I feel equally comfortable wearing to work or to date night. Plus, the striking crimson bottle is enough to make me display it proudly on my vanity.

Proenza SchoulerĀ® for LancĆ“meĀ® Lip Kajal in Pink Chroma 01

Who:Ā Lauren

What:Ā Proenza SchoulerĀ® for LancĆ“meĀ® Lip Kajal in Pink Chroma 01($24)

Why:Ā I love beauty and adore fashion. When the two worlds intertwine, Iā€™m often the first to sign up. So I was enthused to hear about the collaboration between Proenza Schouler andĀ LancĆ“me. My favorite item from the offering is the Lip Kajal, a duel-ended product that offers a bold matte lip color and the perfect tinted gloss to go over it. This daring fuchsia adds that sartorial pop to my fall LBDs.

Cliniqueā„¢Ā Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly

Who:Ā Ā Joslyn

What:Ā CliniqueTMĀ Dramatically Different Hydrating JellyĀ ($28)

Why:Ā I always start prepping for the cooler, drier months in October. Since colder temps wreak havoc on my skinā€™s moisture level, a bouncy formula like this one from Clinique is perfect to layer under my makeup and sunscreen.

Kat Von DĀ® Lash Liner Liquid Inner LinerĀ 

Who:Ā Emily

What:Ā Kat Von DĀ® Lash Liner Liquid Inner LinerĀ ($20)

Why:Ā Adding black liner to the waterline (inner lashline) is the easiest way to add a bit of sex appeal to your makeup look, but it can be a challenge to find a formula that lasts on this area. Leave it to tattoo artist Kat Von D and her team to develop a product that wonā€™t budge! The inky, carbon-black liquid liner is the first of its kind, so thereā€™s a bit of a learning curve: uncap it and pat the skinny felt tip against the waterline, resisting the urge to blink for about 20 seconds. The result will be a smoldering eye look that lasts all day . . . and well into the next.

Lā€™OccitaneĀ® Immortelle Overnight Reset Oil-in-Serum

Who:Ā Thia

What:Ā Lā€™OccitaneĀ® Immortelle Overnight Reset Oil-in-SerumĀ ($59)

Why:Ā Now that the weather has started to cool off, Iā€™m on a mission to prep my skin for the colder months ahead. The new Lā€™OccitaneĀ Immortelle ResetĀ®Ā has been the perfect booster to incorporate to my nighttime routine to add an extra layer of restorative moisture under my night cream. The innovative oil-in-serum formula ā€” which is basically hundreds of tiny superfood-filled ampoules suspended in a hydrating serum ā€” keeps active ingredients fresher longer, and the lightweight, botanical scent is divine.

Smith & CultĀ® Blackdrop Charcoal Brightening PrimerĀ 

Who:Ā Sophie

What:Ā Smith & CultĀ® Blackdrop Charcoal Brightening PrimerĀ ($32)

Why:Ā Iā€™m a fan of anything that changes color. This primer, as if by magic, transforms from pitch black to totally transparent within moments. In addition to being fun to apply, the charcoal mattifies (without drying!) and absorbs excess oil. As someone who sweats on an overcrowded NYC subway every morning, I appreciate that this stuff saves me from a makeup meltdown before I get to my desk.


Products may have been gifted to the editors for the purpose of writing this article.