How Medical Aesthetics Fits Into This “63 Years Young” Entrepreneur’s Philosophy

How Medical Aesthetics Fits Into This “63 Years Young” Entrepreneur’s Philosophy

In The Path, we spotlight different women making a difference in the fashion, beauty and medical aesthetics industry. Here, they share their road to success.

Take a look around your home. If you have an artfully mapped-out gallery wall in your living room, chinoiserie jars in your kitchen, or a bold rug as an accent piece anywhere, you likely have Susan Feldman to thank. As the co-founder of One Kings Lane®, she inspired millions to find their style and take risks via home decor. She has since sold the successful brand and started a new venture, In the Groove, a media site designed for “women of a certain age” that shares tips and recommendations, including beauty products.

 Feldman, who is “63 years young,” is clearly a beauty aficionado as well as an interior decorating expert. (She combines both interests by displaying her fragrances and jewelry on a beautiful tray on her vanity.) She calls herself a “blowout junkie,” noting that she visits Drybar® a few times a week, slathers her body twice daily with Philosophy® Amazing Grace lotion, and swears by Giorgio Armani® Beauty Eyes to Kill mascara and Kevyn AucoinTM lip gloss.  

But she also takes excellent care of her skin. Feldman notes that for her, simplicity is the key to a successful regimen (that way, she knows she’ll stick to it). Plus, help from professionals doesn’t hurt — she named Dr. Peter Kopelson and Carrie Gessler, MSN of Beverly Hills and Loris, an esthetician at the LA spa of Ole Hendriksen® as her complexion go-tos for medical aesthetics and other treatments. Keep reading for more of Feldman’s skin secrets, career advice, and even a home decor tip or two. 

Spotlyte: What is the best part about being your own boss? What are some of the challenges?

Susan Feldman: When you have a vision, there is nothing more exciting than bringing it to life. Being the ultimate decision maker is rewarding, especially when you see people respond positively to your idea. But decision making can often be one of the most challenging parts of the job. There are so many decisions that need to be made daily. Of course, there are moments when I wish someone else would decide . . . but not really. Sometimes, it just feels that way.

Spotlyte: After One Kings Lane, what inspired you to start a new venture? What do you dream of achieving with In the Groove?

SF: I had an “aha” moment, where I realized that women my age are really underserved online. No one was speaking to us in a cool, modern way. The crazy thing is that this demographic is enormous, wealthy, engaged, and super shoppers. I wanted to build a destination that would become the go-to place for us. We are taking a fresh and unabashed approach to aging.

In The Groove is on a mission to free women from rules, age limits, and expectations.  

Spotlyte: Is there anyone whose beauty inspires you?

SF: It is hard to pick one person whose beauty I am inspired by. There are so many fabulous women that I admired in my youth that have embraced aging in a graceful way . . . all of these women inspire me today — like Ali MacGraw, Candice Bergen, Angela Bassett, Lauren Hutton, Isabella Rossellini, just to name a few.

Spotlyte: With time, has your beauty/skincare philosophy evolved? What is your philosophy?

SF: As long as I can remember, I’ve always tried to take care of my skin. My philosophy has been to try to keep my regimen simple. This way, I know I’ll do it. Lately, I’ve become more open to switching products, especially as skincare products have gotten better. Still — keep it simple.

Spotlyte: What is your stance on cosmetic injectables?

SF: I am a “user,” and have been since I was in my early fifties. I don’t do it often, but when I do, I always go with an approach that works for me. I like to think that when I do it, I still look like myself.

[Editor's note: Thinking about a consultation? Chat with a trained aesthetic specialist to find providers near you!]

Spotlyte: If you have any advice for someone who is considering trying injectables, what would it be?

SF: Do what is right for you.

Spotlyte: What beauty products are essentials to your routine at this point in your life?


  • La Mer Crème de La MerTM: It’s an indulgence, but I love the way it makes my skin feel.
  • UltraLuxeTM Retinol Renewal Serum: This is just one of four creams I use from Ultraluxe every day. I feel like it keeps my skin in good shape.
  • Erno Laszlo Multi-Phase Makeup Remover: This is the one of the few products that I feel really removes the makeup from my face. I’ve been using it for a very long time.
  • Erborian® CC Crème: My newest addition and my all-time favorite. I love this cream because it evens out my skintone. It works so well that I feel comfortable leaving the house without foundation . . . and I love their BB cream too.

Spotlyte: As the queen of interior decorating, what piece of advice would you have for anyone looking to zhuzh up and add beauty to their space?

SF: There are so many things you can do to zhuzh up your space.

  • Take an inventory of the space. Chances are, there are lots of things you can remove that aren’t adding any aesthetic value. Clutter is an enemy of the zhuzh.
  • Paint . . . don’t be afraid of color.
  • Get a great rug to anchor the room.
  • Art: hanging art is one of the easiest and quickest way to freshen up a room.
  • If it is a small space, hanging a mirror can really help open it up.

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