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If You’re Concerned Injectable Filler Will Permanently Stretch Your Lips, You Need to Read This

will lip filler stretch my lips

Chances are, you have at least one friend who gushes about her injectable lip fillers — or maybe you are that person! After all, there’s reason to gush: when administered by a skilled injector, these temporary treatments can last from six months to a year, restoring your pout to its 20-year-old prime (later, lip lines), or simply creating extra space for your new Chanel lipstick.

Nevertheless, there are a myriad of myths surrounding lip fillers, with most of them being downright false. But the verdict on whether they permanently stretch out lips — rendering them saggy, deflated, and less attractive than their pre-filler state — remains relatively murky, so we consulted two dermatologists for their take on the issue.

According to Director of Cosmetic & Clinical Research in Dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City, Dr. Joshua Zeichner, lips can loosen after filler wears off. But if — and only if — you go to extremes. This is why it is important for you to visit a reliable injector. They will work with you to add the appropriate amount of filler for your lips.

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In addition to product volume, injection speed matters. According to NYC-based dermatologist, Dr. Sheerene Idriss, the risk of sagging increases if lips are injected too quickly with a lot of product. Luckily, skilled injectors are trained to avoid drastic overfilling and/or filling too rapidly. “Injecting smaller amounts [of filler] over several months [as opposed to a lot all at once] will not stretch your lips or leave your lip skin looking saggy,” Dr. Idriss confirms. “Slow and steady always wins!”

Ultimately, you shouldn’t necessarily worry about saggy, deflated lips after your lip filler wears off, especially if you go to a skilled provider. Only in cases of drastic overfilling or speedy injecting are you risking less resilient lips in the long run, and a qualified injector should know to avoid both. “Subtle tweaks to add volume or address lines around the mouth should not overstretch the skin,” Zeichner confirms. The old adage “everything in moderation” applies to a lot of things in life — and apparently, lip filler is one of them! And if you remain concerned about saggy lips, just talk to a provider about it during the consultation. They can answer any questions specific to your situation, as well as discuss any risks or side effects. 

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