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Spotlyte 7: Moisturizers That Are Like a Cool Glass of Water on a Hot Day

Summer moisturizers

We’re selective about the formulas we use on our hair, skin, and nails. The Spotlyte 7TM highlights recently-released and/or noteworthy products you can add to your makeup bag, one day at a time. Let’s go shopping.

If you were to think of your skincare routine like a food pyramid, moisturizer would probably replace the (vast) fruits and veggies section of the hierarchy, right next to sunscreen and cleanser. After all, most of us use the stuff twice daily to keep skin quenched, supple, and healthy-looking. But as seasons shift, so do temperatures — and a cream that once comforted your chapped winter skin can feel like a heavy duvet in an 80-degree room. 


In addition to feeling stifled, having sweaty skin can also put you at higher risk for breakouts. Switching to a lightweight and/or oil-free moisturizer in the warmer months can mitigate these risks without compromising hydration. To prove it, we’ve compiled seven of the season’s breeziest moisturizers, from cooling water gels to sweet, pineapple-spiked emulsions.

Kiehl's moisturizer

Kiehl’s Since 1851® Calendula Serum-Infused Water Cream ($48) harnesses the anti-inflammatory power of calendula petals to soothe irritated and/or overheated skin. A bevy of oils leave skin soft — though the formula’s lightweight, watery texture could fool anyone into thinking this stuff is lipid-free.


Shiseido White Lucent® Brightening Gel Cream ($70) feels like a cool veil of silk across the skin. Most notably, it is specifically designed to target the appearance of hyperpigmentation. For this reason, it’s ideal for slathering on during sunny summer months, which are primetime for developing age spots. Of course, be sure to pair your moisturizer with SPF! (Read about the season’s hottest SPF launches.)

Caudalie moisturizer

Drinking wine may dehydrate your skin, but grape polyphenols — found in wine and often added to skincare — can protect your complexion. In addition to these antioxidant-rich polyphenols, the Caudalie® VinosourceTM S.O.S. Intense Moisturizing Cream ($42) also contains squalane, one of the most potent moisturizers on the market

Marc Jacobs moisturizer

The texture of the Marc Jacobs® Beauty YouthquakeTM Hydra-full Retexturizing Gel Crème ($59) falls somewhere between that of a water gel and a cream moisturizer, making it particularly ideal for the late summer to early fall transition. In addition to providing instant suppleness, it also soothes dull, dry patches over time, thanks to an infusion of exfoliating pineapple enzyme — with a tropical scent to match.


The Skin Renewing Day Cream ($19) is the latest addition to derm-loved brand, CeraVe®. In addition to barrier-protecting ceramides, this antiaging cream also contains encapsulated retinol to stave off fine lines. (Yes, you can use retinol during the day.) The formula also contains all-important SPF 30. 

[Editor's note: Retinol shouldn't be used by those who are pregnant, considering getting pregnant, or nursing. Please consult with your doctor before use.]


The GlamGlow® MOISTURETRIPTM Omega-Rich Moisturizer ($54) delivers a winning combination of instant hydration and long lasting nutrition: hyaluronic acid moisturizes on contact, while hemp seed oil delivers glow-inducing fatty acids. While not thick, this formula is denser than a water cream, so a little goes a long way. 

Sunday Riley CEO moisturizer

Hot off the heels of the Sunday Riley® C.E.O.TM serum launch comes the Sunday Riley C.E.O. Vitamin C Rich Hydration Cream ($65). Like its predecessor, this formula contains a hefty dose of stable vitamin C, which brightens skin tone and protects against the effects of environmental stressors. The texture is decidedly emollient, but the lighting-fast absorption rate makes for a comfortable finish.


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