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7 Foot Products That Will Have You Embracing Sandal Season

Spotlyte 7: Foot Products for Summer

We’re selective about the formulas we use on our hair, skin, and nails. The Spotlyte 7TM highlights recently-released and/or noteworthy products you can add to your makeup bag, one day at a time. Let’s go shopping.

When it comes to skincare, feet are often forgotten. They’re hidden beneath shoes, cozied up in socks and, generally, not given the love they deserve. For many of us, it’s only when we’re forced to wear sandals that we scramble to the pedicure chair, muttering apologies for our unkempt feet all the while.

But year-round footcare is possible. Below, we’ve compiled seven formulas to help kick things off: From nourishing foot masks and delightful deodorizers to blister-busters, these products will keep those tootsies in tip-top shape. 

When it comes to breaking in new shoes, blisters are practically par for the course. However, the Barefoot ScientistTM PreHeels+® Blister Prevention Spray ($16) acts as an invisible barrier between the skin and the shoe, which ultimately equates to fewer battle scars. (Fun fact: The product’s creator formulated the spray for celebrities to wear during long stints on the red carpet.)   

Some shoes simply look better sans socks. Unfortunately, going barefoot can promote sweating, which can ultimately lead to . . . fragrant footwear. Baby powder has been an age-old trick for mitigating the stench, but it can also backfire in the form of white clouds emanating from each step. The Arm & Hammer® Invisible Spray Foot Powder ($7) takes care of those telltale signs with an invisible formula. Simply spray in the morning for feet that feel (and smell) shower fresh all day.

The Sol De JaneiroTM SambaTM Foot Fetish Cream ($27) makes footcare feel more like a ritual than a chore. The two step duo includes a file for sloughing dead skin and a cream for nourishing the rest. The latter is spiked with the brand’s signature Brazilian cupuaçu butter, which leaves even the toughest calluses softer. If you’ve experienced any of the brand’s other creams, you’re already familiar with the delectable, gourmand aroma of pistachio and caramel.

The Baby Foot® Original Exfoliating Foot Peel ($25) is like spring cleaning for dead foot skin. Slip the plastic booties on bare feet and wait an hour while the formula — a blend of lactic and glycolic acids — loosens up calluses and dead skin. Within a few days, you’ll begin noticing skin peeling away in large sheaths (disgusting or satisfying, depending on how you look at it). The result: skin as smooth as, well, a baby’s foot — hence the name. 

If you’ve been skimping on foot cream, make up for lost time with the Dr.Jart+®Dermask® Foot Smoothing Mask ($12). Similar to how a hair mask can feed dry hair, this mask hydrates lackluster foot skin and leaves it looking pampered and soft. Slip the booties on for fifteen minutes while a blend of glycerin and shea butter cocoon skin in nourishing hydration.

Don’t be fooled by the adorable packaging: Keep Cool® and Soothe Foot Cooling Spray ($17) delivers a one two punch of deodorizing and cooling power. Menthol lowers skin temperature, while peppermint replaces sweaty smells with a minty aroma.

An inflatable foot tub is one of those things that you don’t realize you need until you actually experience it. The Dr Teal’s® Easy-Inflate Foot Tub ($8) is the perfect depth and width for soaking tired feet — and, because it’s inflatable, it’s particularly useful for traveling. For the full spa experience, toss in one of these luxurious bath soaks

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