Injectable Wrinkle Reducers

This 4-in-1 Foundation-Concealer Hybrid Will Take Your Makeup Routine to the Next Level

Merely going through life can be hazardous to our skin. Our smartphones and computers emit damaging blue light. Sleep deprivation and stress make our skin look as tired as we feel. And, of course, free radicals are quite literally everywhere, ready to etch our complexions with fine lines and wrinkles. Yes, good beauty products and in-office treatments can help, but most of the time, we need instant gratification. And to get flawless skin in a flash, it’s easier to just swipe on foundation or concealer. As someone who has tried hundreds of foundations, I’m not easily impressed — there are not many product launches that typically catch my eye. That is, until PÜRTM, a brand known for its mineral-based makeup, announced its new complexion-perfecting formula.PÜR’s Love Your SelfieTM Longwear Foundation & Concealer ($36) acts as a foundation-concealer hybrid thanks to its dual-applicator system, a design feature that we’ve never actually seen before. You can use the conventional pump to distribute foundation like you normally would for all-over coverage. Or, simply twist the cap off to reveal a doe-foot wand for a more targeted application. Either way, the pigmented formula can mask everything from dark circles to hyperpigmentation, regardless of your application preference.

My favorite perk to this packaging design is that it slims out my makeup bag a bit. Since I’m constantly doing my makeup on-the-go (e.g. at the gym, in my office, and even sometimes on my commute), it’s always helpful to have a product that’s multipurpose. Instead of having to carry around both foundation and concealer, I can just throw this into my bag to ensure most of my complexion needs will be met.

As the name suggests, the formula boasts four key functions, namely as a foundation, concealer, longwear product, and skin nourisher. And with a roster of ingredients like green tea, ginseng and vitamin B included in the formulation, the brand certainly isn’t bluffing. “[This product’s] packed with skincare ingredients that deliver flawless coverage, while also working to protect skin from environmental stressors, like pollution and high-energy blue light,” says Lynnette Cole, Global Education Director at PÜR. Since I live in New York City and work at a job that exposes me to blue light daily, this extra skincare shield is a welcomed perk.

Even more intriguing than the skin-boosting ingredients, though, is the massive shade range. With an unprecedented 100 options to choose from, you’d be hard pressed not to find a color that works for you. “Complexion is our forte, so after establishing the primary skincare benefits that this product would include, we went through a really strict development phase of finding the perfect shade range,” explains Tisha Thompson, Vice President of Marketing and Innovation at PÜR.

But, just thinking about sifting through 100 shades to narrow down your perfect match feels overwhelming. That’s why the brand neatly organized each hue into five shade categories (light, medium, tan, dark, and deep), and then by undertone, specifically golden, pink, and neutral. From there, the options are given a number between one and seven to indicate shade depth. If that still sounds complicated, you can use your existing go-to formula to find your ideal hue. Just click “find my match” on the site: you can enter your current foundation brand and shade, and the site will make a color suggestion for you.

The foundation isn’t the only new launch from PÜR: the brand is pairing it with one of the most innovative makeup brushes we’ve seen in a long time. The PÜR BHOLDERTM Dual-Action Complexion Applicator ($28, available April 19) contains a silicone core surrounded by approximately 29,500 (yes, really!) densely packed, soft fiber bristles. You can use it to apply liquid, cream, and even powder foundation. However, the application technique for each texture differs dramatically. For liquid foundation, apply the formula to the silicone center and then lightly dab the product along the face. For cream foundation, use the entire brush to blend the product, working with the silicone center to build coverage as you go. And lastly, for powders, simply use the fluffy bristles to buff the powder along your face.

As I mentioned earlier, I’m a big fan of anything that streamlines my product queue, and this brush cuts out all other applicators from my makeup bag. Since I frequently jump between cream and liquid foundations, I love that I don’t have to pack multiple brushes anymore. After all, less items in my bag means a lighter purse — which we can all agree is always a good thing. You, too, can cut down on makeup bag clutter and start shopping all 100 shades (along with the makeup brush!) starting right now.