Battle Neck Aging With These 7 Creams Worthy of Your Skincare Arsenal

Neck Creams

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If you hang around beauty editors long enough, you’ll probably hear the term “French face” in reference to skincare application. This expression refers to extending that essence/serum/moisturizer application beyond the visage proper, all the way down the neck and decolletage.  

European or not, we should all be adopting the French face technique. After all, the skin on our neck and chest deserves just as much care — if not more — than the skin on our faces: The skin in these sub-chin areas is significantly thinner, and therefore tends to show age more quickly. Plus, our chests are prime real estate for damaging UV rays. (Just ask your sun-worshipping aunt from Florida.) 

Luckily, there are products specifically formulated to smooth that neck and chest area, fade sunspots, and maintain an overall vibrant appearance. Below, seven of the best best neck creams that can help prevent signs of aging, soften skin, and even fade existing sun spots.

The best way to keep speckling at bay is to thwart harmful UV rays with SPF. The Perricone MD® Cold Plasma® Plus+ Neck & Chest Broad Spectrum SPF 25 ($89) has a protection factor of 25 to help ward off future damage, while vitamin B3 (also known as niacinamide) works to fade existing hyperpigmentation.

If you’re in the market for luxury, consider the Revive® Fermitif® Neck Renewal Cream ($165). The consistency is similar to that of a cold cream, and it melts into the skin without much coercion. A rosy fragrance adds to the sensory splendor. Bonus points for SPF 15.

Sure, the Mario Badescu Skin Care® Vitamin A-D-E Neck Cream ($20) contains nourishing vitamins, but the real allure is its ultra-emollient texture. Massage into skin for a comforting, hug-like experience that’ll leave skin looking (and feeling) a little more loved.   

If tech neck is taking its toll, consider a neck cream with one of the best line fighters in the biz — retinol. In addition to the vitamin A derivative, the Dr. Dennis Gross® Ferulic + Retinol Fortifying Neck CreamTM ($75) is also spiked with lactic and ferulic acid, which resurface and protect, respectively. This cream is thinner than most neck creams, making it ideal for layering under SPF. 

[Editor's note: Retinol shouldn't be used by women who are pregnant, considering getting pregnant, or nursing. Please consult with your doctor before use.]

A combination of shea butter and hyaluronic acid make the PRAI® Ageless Throat & Decolletage Night Creme ($45) one of the most nourishing formulas we’ve tried — especially for dry, thirsty skin. Apply before bed and expect a dewier decolletage come morning. Use nightly, and you’ll likely notice fewer lines over time, thanks to an infusion of retinol.

The Tatcha® Ageless Revitalizing Neck Cream ($110) is simultaneously lightweight and creamy — a combination that boasts year-round versatility. And, because a little bit goes a long way, you can expect this jar to last you a few seasons. The formula stars lemon balm and artichoke leaf — two ingredients that sound like they could make a scrumptious supper, but in fact work to leave skin tantalizingly taut and buttery smooth.

The L’Oreal® Revitalift® Anti-Wrinkle and Firming Face and Neck Moisturizer ($12) is a twofer for face and neck: It’s equal parts effective and gentle, thanks to line-smoothing retinol and anti-inflammatory centella asiatica. 

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