Glide Your Way to a Less Puffy-Looking Face With These Gua Sha and Crystal Rollers

Beauty Shot - Woman Using Jade Roller Closeup - Fresh Bronze Skin Care Massage

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In the high-tech whirlwind of 2019, it’s rare to find a skincare tool that doesn’t feature colored lights, microcurrents, and/or collagen-stimulating radio frequencies. While we love these gizmos (shop our favorites here), there’s something special about nixing the bells and whistles in favor of something a little more hands-on. Perhaps this is why the art of gua sha and crystal rolling is coming back into style. These techniques rely on simple stone-based tools to soothe, depuff, and enhance product absorption — all while leaving you feeling a little more zen. 

[Editor’s note: If you take blood thinners, talk to your doctor before using a gua sha or rolling tool.]

To use either a gua sha or roller, simply apply your favorite face oil and begin gliding your tool of choice across your face in firm-yet-gentle strokes, starting from the base of the neck. You’ll work your way along the contours of your face, starting from next to your nose and moving towards the ear. Not only do these motions massage tense muscles, but they can drain excess fluid, giving the appearance of higher cheekbones and a sculpted jawline

With these benefits, it’s no wonder gua shas and face rollers have become a staple for many A-list estheticians. Below, seven of these tools, which are as pretty as they are effective.

If self-love were rendered in tangible form, it might look like the Kora® Organics Rose Quartz Heart Facial Sculptor ($58). Aside from the obvious aesthetic appeal, the shape allows for a hug-like glide across the skin.

While it may seem like a whimsical design, celebrity esthetician Georgia Louise developed every curve of the Lift + Sculpt Butterfly Stone ($75) to serve a purpose. The thinner edges are perfect for running alongside the nose and under the eye, while the larger area helps move fluid around the jawline and cheeks. In short, this butterfly proves that a facial tool can be pretty and practical.

Jade is known for its soothing, cooling, and possibly lucky qualities. While we can’t promise the Shiffa® Jade Roller ($63) will help you win the lotto, it does provide soothing, cooling relief for overheated and/or stressed skin. The double-ended roller allows for targeting specific areas; use the large side for cheeks, jaw, and forehead, and the small end to reach the undereye area, sides of the nose, and between the brows.

Between airport drama and salty plane snacks, flying is prime-time for puffiness and stagnant blood flow. Thus, travel-stricken skin is the perfect canvas for a face roller. The Jenny PatinkinTM Rose on RoseTM Face Roller comes in a petite version ($32). It packs the power of a full-sized rose quartz roller, but its tiny proportions (and chic carrying case) make it the perfect travel companion.

While unconventional, the Mount Lai® Jade Massaging Comb ($52) is still technically a jade-based skin massaging tool, albeit for the skin on the scalp. Slap on your favorite hair mask or scalp treatment, and run the comb through your strands, focusing on anywhere that feels tense. The experience feels ahh-mazing, and the comb makes for an interesting ornament for your shower.

If you can’t snag an appointment with celebrity facialist Angela Caglia, her Vie en RoseTM facial roller ($65) might just be the next best thing. (Pair it with her namesake skincare line for full indulgence.)

If you can’t decide between rose quartz or jade, why not sample a smattering in the Sephora® Crystal Facial Roller Set ($34)? In addition to these two traditional stones, the set also includes an amethyst attachment. And, because these stones are smaller than most, they’re perfect for chiseling small areas.

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