We Asked Fashion Week Models About Their Skincare Routines and Stance on Injectables — And Their Answers May Surprise You

NYFW Models Talk Must-Have Skincare Products and Treatments

Sure, some models are “born with it” — and by “it” we’re referring to a flawless complexion — but many of them deal with skin issues just like the rest of us. You could even argue that they’re more at risk for breakouts and dull skin. Thanks to constant travel, a high-stress career; and the constant makeup application, removal, and reapplication that comes with the gig, it’s easy for skin to get irritated. In that sense, attention to detail and consistent skincare maintenance is an actual part of their job description. Curious about how they do it amid the chaos, we spoke to five models living this reality in real-time backstage at New York Fashion Week® Spring/Summer 2020®.

Veronica Pomee

About the Model: We spoke to Veronica Pomee, who is represented by Wilhelmina®, backstage at Chromat® while she was getting her hair styled by a Tresemme® pro. Later, she would go on to open the show for the evening. Pomee happens to have the distinct honor of being the first Polynesian Sports Illustrated® model.

Her Skin Philosophy: “I try to keep it very, very simple with my skincare regimen. I didn’t really [do] a lot to my skin growing up, and I honestly didn’t start wearing makeup until I got into modeling, which was only a few years ago. Even today, I’m usually without makeup. I always wear sunscreen, I drink a lot of water, and I moisturize daily, morning and night.”

Her Favorite Facials and Treatments: “I try to get a facial at least once a month, and I made sure to get one at Erase Spa in New York, right before Fashion WeekTM. If it’s in your budget to get them, they’re really worth the investment and good for upkeep.”

Her Must-Have Product: “I love doing sheet masks! My favorite brand is The Crème Shop®, and I’m never without one when I travel. And, of course, sunscreen is something I always wear, but I find that sometimes they can cause a white cast on my skin. I figured out that if I mix a little jojoba or vitamin E oil into my sunscreen that it makes that cast go away.”

Her Stance on Injectables: “I can’t say that I wouldn’t ever get injectables, because who knows? Whatever floats your boat, you should definitely go for it.”

[Editor’s note: Injectable wrinkle reducers temporarily smooth the look of moderate to severe wrinkles in certain areas of the face, including the forehead, frown lines, and crow’s feet; they should not be used more frequently than every three months. Injectable filler is a temporary treatment that adds volume to areas of the face such as the lips, cheeks, and laugh lines. Like any medical treatment, both injectable wrinkle reducers and injectable fillers have potential risks and side effects. Talk to a licensed provider to see if they’re right for you. And learn more now by chatting with a trained aesthetic specialist.

Daphne Velghe

About the Model: Daphne Velghe is a Belgian model, veteran of the business, and charity ambassador for See & Smile℠. We got a chance to speak to her just before she was called away for the Pamella Roland® show.

Her Skin Philosophy: “The most important thing is to have clean skin whenever I’m not working. I always take off my makeup with micellar water first — the Bioderma® one is really good. Then, I just use a soap-free wash after that to clean my face, and moisturize really well. I try to use products that don’t have too much perfume and extra things in them that my skin doesn’t need so it can breathe. Also, if you really want to look fresh, then sleep is something that no beauty product can ever replace.”

Her Favorite Facials and Treatments: “I have a dermatologist that I go to, back home in Belgium. She’s a really good friend, actually. I’ve had some drama backstage where I’ve had an allergic reaction to products, or my skin is really fatigued and sensitive. I will just text her and she’ll help me. I do like to get gentle facials sometimes, too. A good time to go is right when the weather changes.”

Her Must-Have Products: “I recently got one of those golden, T-shaped skin massage tools off Amazon® for very cheap, and it’s amazing. It vibrates a little and really relaxes your face. It also helps your skin absorb the skincare products that you’re using. I usually use like a serum or oil that I mix in with my moisturizer in the palm of my hand, then warm it up and really take my time to massage it in with the tool. Also, my dermatologist friend recommended La Roche-Posay® Toleriane®, which really calms my skin down whenever I have any bad reactions.”

Her Stance on Injectables: “I used to be against the idea of injectables, but now that I am growing older — I am 28 — I believe that if there is something that [you really want to address], then go for it. It’s a very personal decision, and to each their own.”

Achenrin Madit

About the Model: Achenrin Madit is a Wilhemina model who is relatively new to the industry. We talked to her backstage at Jason Wu® just after she finished getting her makeup done by the Maybelline® team.

Her Skin Philosophy: “In this society, we tend to think that we’re not good enough, and I’ve had that way of thinking before, myself. While you’d think that being a model would make you more self-conscious about everything, even your skin, joining this industry has actually really empowered me to feel beautiful in my own skin.”

Her Favorite Facials and Treatments: ”My go-to place for facials is Mario BadescuTM, hands down. They also have really great products that are all priced really well. I buy so many beauty products, so I really need them to be affordable. I mean, I do get some free stuff as a model, but it’s not as much as you’d think.”

Her Must-Have Product: ”One of my favorite products is by NYX® — their Honey Dew Me UpTM Skin Serum. It’s so moisturizing. I have combo skin so my nose and forehead get really oily, but the rest of my skin can get so dry. This product is a lifesaver.”

Her Stance on Injectables: “I personally don’t think I would get any injectables, but I respect people’s decisions to do what they want with their own appearance.”

Sarah Gullixson

About the model: Sarah Gullixson’s glowing skin enticed us from across the room while she was in the midst of getting a mini facial from K-Beauty brand Mamonde® backstage at Alice + Olivia®

Her Skin Philosophy: Gullixson is a firm believer in experimenting with new skincare trends, and regularly hits up Inderma Studio℠ in NYC.

Her Favorite Facials and Treatments: “I’m a huge fan of getting microcurrent facials, which help lift and stimulate collagen. Every time I go, my skin just looks significantly better after. I also really like light therapy to help keep my skin clear, and it has some anti-aging benefits, as well. Light therapy technology was actually developed [for] NASATM!”

Her Must-Have Product: “I use Chanel® Le Lift® Cream for basically everything, and I absolutely love it. I have the driest skin ever — I’m not exactly sure why — but makeup artists can’t tell that I have dry skin when I use this product. For a long time, they would tell me the makeup wasn’t applying well to my dry skin, but the Chanel Le Lift changed that. It’s perfect.”'

Her Stance on Injectables: “It’s a personal decision. For me, at the moment, it’s not something I plan to do, but I don’t judge people who get injectables. I think there are a lot of models who get them

Alessia Merz

About the Model: During some downtime at Pamella Roland, we spoke to Russian model Alessia Merz. She's walked in runways across the world, including NYC, Paris, Milan, Spain, and Sydney.

Her Skin Philosophy: ”For me, my skin is so soft and thin, so I moisturize it all the time, like three or four times per day. I can see the results, and every makeup artist always says that my skin looks so fresh and good.”

Her Favorite Facials and Treatments: “I only trust myself with my skin. I never do any facials. You can even see by looking at me that my skin is thin, and it is very sensitive. My skin quality is good, which I think means I’ve done everything correctly, so I don’t want to risk anything.”

Her Must-Have Products: “I usually wash my face with 3Lab® Cleansing Gel, and I also just started using Clinique® Exfoliating Scrub. My favorite moisturizer that I use the most is Estee Lauder® Advanced Night Repair® Serum.”

Her Stance on Injectables: “In 10 years, I may have more lines, so at that time, I will reconsider it. I am OK with the idea of people getting injectables — why not?”

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