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“I Had to Come Clean!” Women Share How Their Significant Others Discovered They Get Injectables

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For many years, injectables — getting them, or even discussing them — was seen as somewhat taboo. These days, however, the topic is no longer as controversial. Celebrities, high-powered executives, and more influential people have come clean that medical aesthetics are a regular part of their routine. Yet, for some reason, some women deliberately keep this fact hidden from their partners — until they’re put into a situation that compels them to spill the beans.

Editor's Note

Injectable wrinkle reducers temporarily smooth the look of moderate to severe wrinkles in certain areas of the face, including the forehead, frown lines, and crow’s feet; they should not be used more frequently than every three months. Injectable filler is a temporary treatment that adds volume to areas of the face such as the lips, cheeks, and laugh lines. Like any medical treatment, both injectable wrinkle reducers and injectable fillers have potential risks and side effects. Talk to a licensed provider to see if they’re right for you. 

Whether you get injectables yourself and keep it under wraps, or don’t, these women’s stories are incredibly fascinating. Keep reading! From a PR professional whose shared expenses gave it away to a lesbian couple who simultaneously kept their injectables top secret, discover how six women’s significant others found out about their injectables. 

Name: Priscila M
Occupation: Marketing and Communications Professional
Age: 34
Location: Studio City, California

How her husband found out: “The day I came home with long, blonde extensions, my husband asked me if I had changed my makeup . . . I have a naturally light brown mane. My point is that it takes a lot for the guy to realize when I change something in my appearance. I don’t necessarily think he needs to know about all the upkeep I do, either.

Recently, we merged financials, and the poor man saw a filler charge on my credit card from my provider. He thought I was hiding a disease from him or something! I had to come clean and let him know that the four-digit charge was just a little something I need to do for myself every now and then.”

Name: Abby H
Occupation: Senior Manager of Talent & Brand Partnerships 
Age: 30
Location: Venice Beach, California

How her husband found out: “Not knowing what the results would look like, I was scared my husband would notice that I got my lips done — so I told him in advance. He thought it was silly, since having ‘small lips’ is not on the long list of [features] I've complained about before. When I got home [from my treatment], he had forgotten about my appointment and didn't notice.

Later, I decided it was time to go a bit bigger, but this time, I didn't tell him. I got home from the appointment incredibly swollen, and in a full panic that I had gone too big. He calmly said ‘Abb...maybe we don't get any more of that . . . lip juice . . . you've been getting.’ Luckily, the swelling went down and the size was A-OK!”

Name: Nicole Z
Occupation: Sports Lawyer
Age: 37
Location: Costa Mesa, California

How her husband found out: “I had been hiding my little injectables secret for years from my husband — 10, to be exact. I started getting injectable wrinkle reducers in my late twenties, around 28, about a year or so into our relationship. At the beginning, I really wanted to keep it a secret for some reason, maybe because I thought he might judge me or think less of me. Looking back, it seems silly. He would (and still) always compliment how I look, so I wanted to keep the mystery alive.

It was all going so smoothly until one night at dinner with two of our best friends. My friend — who, to her credit, didn’t know it was a secret — asked how my most recent injectable appointment went; and if I had done anything differently, because I looked great. My hubby quickly (and proudly, ugh!) interjected that I had never had anything done. It felt wrong to keep this lie going, so I confessed on the spot. He was shocked, but he got over it — and now he even thinks he wants some, too!”

Name: Kayla 
Occupation: Video Production
Age: 35
Location: San Francisco, California 

How her wife found out: “I only get injectable wrinkle reducers about every six months. A year into my relationship with my now-wife, I made a routine appointment. We have a shared iCal® that we add all of our mutual events to, which is also connected to a shared email. Usually, I do all my [injectable] appointments through my work email.

Somehow, lines got crossed (I blame the mercury retrograde that was happening at the time) and scheduled the appointment through our shared calendar somehow. When my girlfriend got home, she excitedly asked about the appointment, thinking it was something new. She was totally cool with it, and I never intentionally hid it — it’s something that I did for myself. I found out then that she goes in for [injectables], too!”

Name: Michelle
Occupation: Pediatrician
Age: 47
Location: Newport Beach, California 

How her husband found out: “My husband and I are both doctors: I’m a pediatrician and my better half is a dermatologist. Naturally, injectables are a big part of his practice, so I have been around them for years at this point. For some reason, he always stressed for me to wait as long as possible before getting them done. 

Since he’s the expert here, I waited per his suggestion — but [a few] years ago, I couldn’t take the semi-deep wrinkle that was forming in my forehead. I was about to go to my good friend’s provider to get it fixed, but felt too guilty about going behind my husband’s back, especially since it’s his line of work. I told him I was ready — and it was [temporarily] taken care of literally the next day!”

Name: Becca
Occupation: PR Senior Account Manager 
Age: 25
Location: Mar Vista, California

How her boyfriend found out: “My boyfriend is the most detail-oriented person. He is an accountant, and a virgo — and he is so good at noticing even the slightest of changes. I had already started getting my lips done prior to us dating, so he didn’t have a benchmark of what my lips started out like. However, he did notice when [the filler] started to wear off, and made a comment about my lips not feeling ‘as full.’ 

I knew it was going to be hard to pull a fast one on Sherlock HolmesTM over here, so I booked my appointment while he was away on a work trip, and just prayed they would be less swollen when he returned. I am pretty sensitive, so even though they weren’t extremely swollen, it was still slightly noticeable when he returned — and he instantly knew. He was actually irritated at first, but after I explained to him that it’s something I do [because I like the look of it], he backed off. We haven’t talked about it since, but I still get ‘em plumped!”