How to Get Perfect Hair When You Have No Time, According to Glam+Go Founder Erika Wasser

Erika Wasser

In The PathTM, we spotlight different women making a difference in the fashion, beauty, wellness, medical aesthetics, and more industries. Here, Glam+Go℠ founder Erika Wasser shares her road to success. 

Like many women in New York City, Erika Wasser is no stranger to hustling for a living. Before starting her own business in 2014, the 30-something entrepreneur was running around town, trying to balance her two busy careers — as a standup comedian and on-camera host for HGTV® — with her personal life. Because these gigs often called for her to be glammed up, she packed regular blowouts into her routine . . . only to find that they took far too much of her precious time.

“A workout and a blowout could eat up more than three hours of my day, which is insane,” Wasser explains. “That’s not realistic for working women.” Alternatively, she observed that when she got her hair done on set, the hair pros were able to style her strands efficiently, without sacrificing quality. “It made me realize that we didn’t need all the hoopla to achieve the same — if not better — hair results, in less time,” she says. 

So, she decided to fill the void in the market, launching her company Glam+Go in 2014. Her chain of salons now has 13 different locations, all of which offer 30-minute blowouts, as well as cut and color services. (You can also book appointments through RegiTM, a concierge booking service for beauty treatments.) Here, she shares more about her brand (including how her team can style hair in 30 minutes!), her personal hair and skincare routines, and the medical aesthetics treatments she loves.

Spotlyte: What makes Glam+Go different from other blowout bars?

Erika Wasser: The key is making everything as efficient as it is high quality. We’re all about catering to busy women on the go, wherever and whenever they find themselves in need of some professional hair styling. We have memberships available, which aim to make great hair days not just accessible, but affordable. We’re also getting ready to launch two new services this fall: Glam To-Go℠, our at-home and hotel partner in-room program, and Glam+Go Anywhere℠, a global network of salons where [our members] are welcome. 

Spotlyte: How is your team able to do blowouts in under 30 minutes?

EW: We have a schtick, and we “schtick” to it. In truth, it’s all about sectioning. We often say, “An organized start leads to the most successful finish.” Each one of our stylists is trained on our method to ensure a consistent experience, no matter who you’re in the chair with.

Spotlyte: What’s the most rewarding part about running your own company? 

EW: The most rewarding part is our members; getting to know our members is such an amazing experience. I still clearly remember the first time I was in our first LA location: one of our NYC regulars walked in! Day to day, it is really amazing to see how a physical transformation can change a person’s demeanor in 30 minutes; she’s sitting up straighter, her smile gets bigger — there’s nothing better. 

Spotlyte: What products do you use in your own haircare routine?

EW: As the owner of a hair salon chain, I have a bit of an embarrassment of riches when it comes to great hair products! I mix it up a lot and am constantly trying new things. My go-to shampoo and conditioner are R+Co® TelevisionTM Shampoo and Conditioner, which I’m obsessed with. I’ve been coloring my hair recently, so I’ve also been using Olaplex® No. 3 Hair PerfectorTM treatment. Lately I’ve been setting my blowouts with the Redken® Fashion Work® 12 Versatile Working Spray.

Spotlyte: Who do you go to for hair and color?

EW: You may be surprised to hear that I go to Glam+Go. All of our stylists are ones I personally love to sit with, which is important to me; I wouldn’t ask our customers to sit with a stylist that I don’t personally love. For color, I go to Louis Driver, who works out of our Tribeca location. His hands came from God (or, more specifically, the UK) — he’s amazing!

Spotlyte: What’s your skin type and concerns?

EW: I get jawline breakouts, which are the worst. Otherwise, my skin is combination and actually one of my lowest concerns. I took [prescription] isotretinoin in my early twenties and it really made a world of difference (thanks, mom!).

[Editor's note: Retinol shouldn't be used by women who are pregnant, considering getting pregnant, or nursing. Please consult with your doctor before use.]

Spotlyte: What is your skincare routine? What treatments do you get and where do you go?

EW: I’m honestly a bit lazier than I should be when it comes to skincare. I cleanse with Biologique Recherche® Lait UTM Cleansing Milk — I really like this brand. I also use the P50® toner. Everything else I’m more flexible with, so I just use what I happen to have at the moment. 

Spotlyte: Do you like professional treatments? What have you tried? 

EW: I am obsessed with dermaplaning and get this done monthly. I love going to SoHo House® for facials (I recommend Elana) or Tribeca MedSpa℠ (I see Ashley).

Spotlyte: What about injectables? When did you start and how often do you go?

EW: I get lip filler. So far, I’ve only gone twice, but it’s definitely something I plan on continuing. I see Dr. Lara Devgan

[Editor’s note: Injectable filler is a temporary treatment that adds volume to areas of the face such as the lips, cheeks, and laugh lines. Like any medical treatment, it has potential risks and side effects. Be sure to talk to a licensed provider to see if it’s right for you. Have more questions? Chat with our team of trained aesthetic specialists now.

Spotlyte: What’s your anti-aging philosophy?

EW: In general, I have no intentions of growing up, so I’m going to do all in my power to make sure my skin, face, and body are on board with that plan. 

Spotlyte: What would you be doing if you didn’t start Glam+Go?

EW: I’m going to take this very hypothetically. If I could do anything — level of talent not taken into consideration — I’d be on Broadway in big, tap-heavy musicals. I could not imagine being paid for anything that I find more fun.

Spotlyte: When do you feel most beautiful?

EW: I feel the most beautiful when I’m so engrossed and engaged in what I’m doing that I’m not even thinking about what I look like. Also, post two vodka sodas.

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