How Blogger Tiffany Williams Ignored the Naysayers and Made Her Modeling Dreams a Reality

Tiffany Williams

In The PathTM, we spotlight different women making a difference in the fashion, beauty, wellness, and medical aesthetics industries. Here, model and blogger Tiffany Williams shares her road to success.

It takes a certain level of resilience to keep going when hearing “no” becomes the norm. But for San Diego native Tiffany Williams, there was no other option but to stay focused on her goal: to become a model. After trying the traditional route of modeling school at the age of 17, the now 31-year-old blogger and entrepreneur says that she realized those lessons were only designed to teach her the basics. What was missing — and what she’d come to learn many rejections later — was the truth about the fickle and highly competitive industry she was trying to charm her way into. 

“I actually went to a local modeling school, John Casablancas®,” she says, “because I didn’t really know anything about the industry and thought that was where i needed to start. The school taught the basics, but I didn’t really learn about being in the industry until I got out there and started booking gigs myself.”