How Esthetician and Influencer Olia Majd’s European Background Shaped Her Approach to Beauty

Olia Majd

These days, it seems virtually impossible to scroll through Instagram® without being inundated with beauty advice. “A lot of you have asked me about my skincare routine,” begins every influencer on the platform as they speak into the camera, before launching into a long list of cleansers and serums . . . that they may or may not actually use. However, very few influencers are actually qualified to give skincare advice beyond recommendations, and many of us find ourselves asking whose advice we can actually trust. But that’s something that Olia Majd's followers have never had to consider.

Majd is one of only a handful of influencers who actually has a background in beauty and has been immersed in the skincare world her entire life. As the daughter of a French esthetician, she was shown from an early age how to take care of her skin and the importance of good products and practices. Majd was taken with the field, yet decided to pursue a “safer” career. 

Instead, she studied accounting and spent the first few years of her adult life going through financial reports and preparing balance sheets. Unfortunately, the 32-year-old San Diego native quickly realized how much she hated her job and decided to go to cosmetology school, where she followed in her mother’s footsteps and became a licensed esthetician. She put on her finest lipstick and kissed the accounting world goodbye as she officially joined her mother’s salon and started working as a facialist, which she calls the “best decision [she] ever made.”

Soon after rediscovering her passion for skincare, Majd realized how much she wanted to share her expertise with the world. “This was at a time when Instagram did not exist,” she remembers, so she started a blog named Love, Olia®. There, she would write her best skincare tips and tricks, and share it with her friends. Within a few months, her site began picking up major steam. It was then that Majd heard about a new photo-sharing platform called Instagram. She saw that it could be a great tool to drive new readers to her blog, so she joined. “Slowly, I started to notice more and more people following me,” she says, humbly. 

Since then, Majd has grown her Instagram fanbase to over 420,000 followers and continues to regularly post there and on Love, Olia. The esthetician-turned-influencer has also taken her love for beauty even further, by starting her own skincare line, O Cosmetiques®. She used her experience as both a customer (who once suffered from teenage acne) and a skin expert to form an essential selection of products. 

Though Majd has expanded her influencer wings beyond just the beauty world, now encompassing all things fashion and travel, her passion remains with skincare, and that is evident in her Instagram behavior. She knows that thousands of young women and men are looking to her as inspiration, and she does not take that responsibility lightly. Read on to learn all about Majd’s rise to the top, how her French background influences her outlook on beauty, and how she keeps her skin glowing while traveling around the world.

I never intended to become an "influencer!" I just share what I truly love.

Editor's Note

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