Glossier’s Futuredew Serum Crosses Uncharted Territory

I’ll be the first to admit it: the skincare market is oversaturated. Of course, that’s not to say that I don’t relish, hoard, and rave about new products. For instance, new sunscreen always delights me — though the concept is familiar and the category bottomless. It’s more that, frankly, nothing flat-out surprises me anymore. I can’t recall the last time I’ve called a product “unique” and truly meant it. That is, until I discovered the new Glossier® FuturedewTM Oil-Serum Hybrid ($24). 

The brand, whose motto is “Skincare first, makeup second,” has created a product that ostensibly functions as both. Technically, though, it’s neither. In fact, Futuredew is an entirely new breed of product — one that Glossier’s Head of Product Development, Kym Davis, calls aesthetic skincare. Essentially, aesthetic skincare delivers the type of instant payoff you’d expect from makeup, plus the long-term benefits you’d expect from skincare. 

“[Glossier Futuredew was] inspired by the look of skincare — that gleamy finish you get after applying all of your products; the one that absorbs and disappears as soon as you leave your bathroom,” Davis says. “Futuredew was developed to bottle up that [gleaming] effect and make it last.”

Glossier Futuredew

Courtesy of the brand

To do so, the team formulated the product with ingredients you’d find in both skincare and makeup. A blend of squalene plus jojoba, evening primrose, and grapeseed oils lock in dewy hydration. On the makeup front, light-reflecting minerals impart an ethereal, barely-there glow. (If I had to compare it to an existing product category, I’d compare it to highlighting primer.) Ultimately, the combination of luminous pigments and glow-inducing ingredients impart a finish that’s neither greasy, nor glittery. 

When I first got my hands on Futuredew, I marveled at its iridescent pink packaging. (To this day, it remains displayed on my vanity for all to see.) A quick pump from the glistening bottle yielded an opaque, blush-hued formula — which, upon closer inspection, I noticed was infused with lustrous particles. It smelled faintly of rosemary, and had a surprisingly thick texture that was not unlike Elmer’s® glue. A few rubs transformed the pink liquid into a gleaming, transparent skin veil. Instantly, my skin radiated a fresh-faced glow; the kind that often accompanies an excellent facial. In that moment, I knew I loved the product. I slapped on some foundation and went about my day.

A few hours later, I caught a glimpse of myself at work — and, lo and behold, my skin looked almost as radiant as it had when I’d applied Futuredew that morning. My foundation was intact — fresh-looking, in fact — and there were no signs of patching or sliding.

Perhaps this is because Futuredew was specifically formulated to play well with other products. I’ve layered it over oils, sunscreens, and moisturizers — and not once has it pilled or flaked. This degree of cohesivity was important to the formulators, particularly because Futuredew is meant to be applied as the last step of your skincare routine. “Whether you’re layering multiple serums, or simply applying your favorite moisturizer after cleansing, Futuredew is the perfect last step for an instant and lasting glow,” Davis says.

While Futuredew is excellent for layering with other makeup products, it can also be worn tout seul. “It’s perfect for occasions when I don’t want to wear makeup, but also don’t want a totally bare face,” says Spotlyte’sTM Senior Beauty Editor, Emily Orofino, who slaps on Futuredew to run errands or hit SoulCycle®. For the ultimate “bare-faced but better” look, she adds a swipe of mascara, Boy Brow®, and concealer as needed.

Glossier Futuredew

Courtesy of the brand

According to Spotlyte’s Editorial Director Lauren Levinson, it’s the perfect oil base for matte foundations. “I finally like the look of this season’s creamier, balmier foundations if blended over Futuredew,” she says. “Sometimes I even add a bit more Futuredew on top of foundation as a subtle, spot highlighter — like on the tops of my cheekbones.”

Ultimately, Futuredew can be so many things — all of which are gloriously glowy. My advice: play around with the stuff. You might just find yourself as surprised as I did.

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