7 Hydrating Lipsticks That’ll Get You Through Chapped Lip Season

Hyaluronic Acid lipsticks

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By now, it’s safe to say that hyaluronic acid isn’t merely a trendy ingredient in your favorite skincare formulations. In fact, the water-loving molecule is spilling into realms beyond skincare, including shampoo, lip balms, and even lipsticks. 

As a quick refresher: HA is lauded for its ability to attract and maintain H₂O — which, for dry skin, is an absolute godsend. (Deep dive into the benefits of HA here.) By the same token, HA is also beneficial for lips, which are particularly prone to dryness. Many new lipsticks contain hyaluronic acid to keep the area supple, hydrated, and — by virtue of these qualities — subtly plumper looking. 

Below, discover our favorite lipsticks that are loaded with hyaluronic acid, from one that plumps your pout to its fullest potential to a barely-there tint that’s sure to ward off chapped lips.

Patrick Ta Monochrome Moment Lip Crème

Patrick Ta Monochrome Moment Lip Crème

The perfect neutral lipstick is hard to find; even more challenging is finding one that’s flattering and supremely comfortable. The Patrick TaTM Monochrome MomentTM Lip Crème ($24), however, checks all boxes. Hyaluronic acid keeps dryness at bay for a smooth, patch-free finish. Expect a creamy drydown that reads as satiny and gorgeous. 

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