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Tiny Dry Shampoos, Petite Palettes, and More Editor-Approved Travel-Sized Beauty Products

Editor picks: Travel-sized essentials

Ask any beauty fanatic about how they pack their products for a trip, and you’re bound to hear some alarmingly thorough responses. Some decant their shampoos into smaller bottles, others use old contact lens cases as tiny compacts for small amounts of concealer and foundation. Others still, who can’t bear the thought of leaving behind their favorites, abandon all semblance of packing light and cram their entire makeup kit into their checked luggage. 

In lieu of risking TSA℠ confiscating your go-to, dealing with a chaos-causing leak from a DIY solution, or losing your bags altogether, we have a much simpler solve: just pack miniature versions of all your top products. Here, our editors share their favorite travel-sized beauty goodies that they simply can’t travel without. Read on to discover indispensable dry shampoos, cleansing oil capsules, and more.

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