Danielle Jonas Reveals the Career Advice Husband Kevin Jonas Gave To Her

Danielle Jonas

With a few keystrokes and a quick Google® search, you can uncover the birthdate of nearly any celebrity. Danielle Jonas is no different. But, when I ask her age, the 33-year-old answers that query with a different angle. “I've been 28 for the last five years,” says the Denville, New Jersey, native.

Coincidentally, the last five years have been monumental ones for her and her family. Within that specific time span, Jonas and her husband Kevin — of Jonas Brothers fame — became parents to two girls, Alena Rose, 5, and Valentina Angelina, 3. The Jonas Brothers (Kevin included) released their first single together in six years. And, the influential mom of two, who has 1.9 million Instagram® followers, also became a jewelry entrepreneur.

This October, her eponymous brand Danielle JonasTM launched a 14-piece line called New BeginningsTM. Her dainty, fashion-forward designs, including necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, and anklets, retail for $40 to $70. Between running her business and being dedicated to her family, Jonas juggles a lot of responsibilities. For jam-packed days, she developed a quick way to practice self-care (and beautify) in a pinch. “Blowing out my own hair has always been my favorite thing to do,” she says. “Something about it calms me.” 

Beyond quick at-home treatments, discover what makes Jonas feel most beautiful, and how becoming a mom has changed her beauty routine. She also divulges the helpful career guidance Kevin supplies, and the beauty product this power couple share a love for.

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