Floatation Chambers, Radiofrequency Facials, and More Dallas Spa Treatments You Can Book on Regi

Woman soaking feet in dallas spa

Cowboy hats, oil rigs, and Tex-Mex may come to mind when you think of Dallas, Texas — and if you’re familiar with the Southwestern city, you know that all the above are common sights. Of course, it is so much more than that. Dallas is a hub for beauty brands, a hot spot for influencers, and, notably, a destination for some seriously luxurious spas. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, we’ve highlighted five of the best spas and treatments to indulge in when you’re in dire need of some TLC. Bonus: You can book every last one through Regi®. The booking service has a live concierge team who can schedule your appointment for you via text, making it even simpler to find time to decompress.

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