Why Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon Dr. Justin Yovino Operates While His Patients Are Awake

Drs. Yovino

Love has its boundaries — and for most couples, the office is one of them. But for doctors Justin and Sarah Yovino, there’s no exchange of see you later as they’re heading out the door in the morning. The couple — who have been together for 20 years — have been practicing together for the past five.

“We’re the only two doctors in our office,” Dr. Justin says. As a double-board certified plastic surgeon, his skills lie in invasive procedures, while Dr. Sarah handles non-invasive skin and aesthetic treatments. “It’s nice,” she says. “We want to be the home for everyone's aesthetic needs.” And home it has become — even for patients from all over the globe.

The Yovinos’ story started in Florida, where they both attended medical school. Eventually, the duo relocated from the Sunshine State to sunny California, where they opened their practice, Ideal Face & Body, in the Beverly Hills area. Initially, Dr. Sarah spearheaded the practice’s growth. “She's business savvy,” Dr. Justin shares. 

I meet the Yovinos at a plastic surgery convention in San Francisco. Immediately, I sense that Dr. Sarah is as personable as she is business savvy; her warm smile creates a calmness amid the frazzled conference setting. Dr. Justin is equally friendly, though he speaks with the precision and pace of someone who prioritizes efficiency. Their dynamic works — and, despite toiling together day in and day out, they still enjoy each other’s company.

Below, we asked the power couple about working in partnership; plus, Dr. Sarah’s take on the future of aesthetics, and why Dr. Justin prefers to operate without anesthesia. (Yes, you read that correctly!).