Never Have Two Bad Days in a Row, and More Secrets to Success from Celeb Stylist Teddi Cranford

Teddi Cranford

We could rattle off a list of impressive clients hairstylist Teddi Cranford has worked with over the years (and don’t worry, we’ll surely get to that). In order to understand her path, it’s first important to highlight three family members who have influenced her past, her present, and, undoubtedly, her future.

Cranford, whose birth name is in fact Teddi (it’s not a nickname), found her passion for hair growing up in Portland, Oregon, where she spent hours at her Aunt Jody Mathey’s salon, Wooptido℠. “I was always interested in hair,” says Cranford. “In the ‘90s, I remember my mom always getting her hair done. My mom was also a makeup artist at the Dior® counter. Between my aunt owning a salon and my mom doing makeup at the mall, I was just around beauty all the time.” 

The third impactful female came into Cranford’s life decades later — after beauty school, working for Bumble and Bumble®, and hustling alongside a number of renowned stylists. Juniper, Cranford’s 3-year-old daughter, arrived during another life change. “I got pregnant right when I opened up my first business,” says Cranford who had just started White Rose Collective℠, an agency for wedding and event hair and makeup that later evolved into a downtown NYC salon. “It was a very wild first year.”

Editor's Note

If you take blood thinners, talk to your doctor before using a gua sha or rolling tool.

Editor's Note

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