How Holiday Stress Could Silently Be Destroying Your Hair, Skin, and Nails

Woman affected by holiday stress in hair, skin, and nails


The holidays can be an incredibly stressful time of year for many, whether it’s due to constant travel, being frazzled by unfinished gift shopping, or wondering how you’ll be able to budget for it all. Add all that to standard, everyday life stress, and the most wonderful time of the year can be anything but merry — and your looks may pay the price.

“Stress, whether emotional, physical, or nutritional, is interpreted as inflammation in the body, and inflammation is one of the root causes of aging,” explains Jessie Cheung, MD, a board-certified dermatologist in the Chicago area. That aging includes the deterioration of skin, hair, and nails — and, even worse, unchecked stress levels can cause permanent damage to these areas. Instead of allowing that idea to cause more stress, keep reading: we’ve interviewed a handful of experts who have tips for reducing stress’s effects on beauty to stop that spiral at the source.

Editor's Note

As always, talk to your doctor before starting any new treatment, medication, or supplement.