Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Reveals Her Clever Secret to Fuller Lips

It’s undeniable: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is one of the most beautiful women in the world. If you’ve ever seen the 32-year-old English model, actress, and businesswoman on runways during Fashion WeekTM — including those of Valentino®, Balmain®, and Versace® — you already know this. Now, having sat mere inches away from her, I can attest that she emanates beauty from every pore. 

When I walked into the green room at the Rose IncTM x Hourglass® Master Class in New York City last month, I was instantly struck by her — a vision in black. With impeccable posture and a cascade of sleek blonde hair behind her, she was completely radiant, present, and perfectly poised for our rapid-fire interview. Only a few minutes later, she strutted up on stage. There, she spoke on the masterclass’ multiple panels, conducted a fireside chat with Hourglass Founder and CEO, Carisa Janes, and served as a live, interactive model for top makeup artists, Marc Reagan and Sam Visser. Needless to say, Huntington-Whiteley managed to do it all with grace and charm — all while glowing with the perfectly-porcelain skin of a thousand baby angels.

That’s what struck me most about her — her skin. I had to know how she gets it to look so flawless. Thankfully, I got the chance to ask. Read on to learn more about how the supermodel finally put an end to battling stubborn breakouts, her favorite way to fake fuller-looking lips, and the inspiring daily mantra she lives by.

Make-up and skincare


Spotlyte: Who’s your facialist, and what are you working on with your skin?

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: Currently, I’m seeing a facialist called Biba in LA, and she’s truly changed my skin over the last six months. I was struggling with quite a lot of breakouts and she’s taught me a lot. We’ve done a lot of research together into the right products for my skin, and I love her very much. So, thank you, Biba.

Spotlyte: How do you prep and perfect your skin before applying makeup?

RHW: Before applying makeup, I will make sure I’m really well-moisturized. So currently, I’m using iS Clinical® Hydra-Cool Serum®, and then I follow it up with a daily moisturizer from my facialist, Biba.

Spotlyte: Any tips for making your lips look bigger, in a subtle way?

RHW: Eat a pepper [laughs]. [With makeup], a great way to achieve a fuller-looking lip would be to use a lip liner.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley


Spotlyte: What are your favorite travel essentials for beauty-on-the-go?

RHW: The Hourglass VanishTM Seamless Finish Foundation Stick. I love this foundation stick because I can use it on-the-go, [and] I can touch up all throughout the day with it. It is also a brilliant formulation for daytime, and I can really build it for an evening event or going out at night.

Spotlyte: How do you de-stress at home?

RHW: My favorite way to de-stress at home would be to lock myself in my bathroom and have a bath or a nice hot shower.

Spotlyte: Do you have any skincare or wellness rituals to help you wake-up in the morning? Any before bedtime?

RHW: I can’t get my day started without a matcha latte. Before going to bed, I’ve actually been using the Costa BrazilTM Jungle Firming OilTM every night, and I love it. It’s beautiful.

Spotlyte: Do you have a mantra or a motto you live by?

RHW: Life begins at the edge of your comfort zone.

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