The “Arab Carrie Bradshaw” Discusses Faith, Fillers, and Focusing on You

Fazia applying lipstick

On paper, influencer Faiza Rammuny and I have nothing in common. I’m from perpetually sunny Phoenix, Arizona; she’s from the windiest of cities, Chicago, Illinois. She was raised a conservative Muslim; I was brought up Jewish — and reformed at that. I was allowed to love whomever I wanted and marry (or not) whenever I pleased; she was introduced only to men her father approved of and was meant to marry before 25. I was taught to never care what anyone thought of me, so long as I was true to myself; Rammuny was taught to prioritize her reputation in the community above all else. 

Despite our vast differences, though, I found myself laughing, crying, and deeply empathizing with the 35-year-old on a recent Saturday afternoon. We were no longer two people from opposite spheres of influence — we were just two young women trying to make our way in the world. As Rammuny shared her life story with me, I couldn’t wait to hear more. I, in turn, felt compelled to share my own experiences and thoughts with her. Within minutes, I could clearly see why she and her online platform Expired N FabulousTM were so successful. It was obvious why nearly 400,000 people followed along on Rammuny’s adventures on Instagram®, and why thousands more — from varying backgrounds, religions, and sexual orientations — have identified with her story. Many have even become clients, booking “Vent Sessions” with her, through which she shares advice.

I understand that mistakes happen. It’s part of growth. I don’t want to be a docked ship; I want to be a sailing one, and I’m going to face turbulent waters — and I’m okay with that.

Editor's Note

Injectable filler is a temporary treatment that adds volume to areas of the face such as the lips, cheeks, and laugh lines. Like any medical treatment, it has potential risks and side effects. Be sure to talk to a licensed provider to see if they’re right for you.