Actress Jennie Garth Shares Her Special DIY Face Mist For Fresh Skin at Age 47

Actress Jennie Garth may be best known to the masses as Kelly Taylor on Beverly Hills 90210®, but at home, the style and beauty icon’s starring role is “mom.”

Garth, 47, has three daughters: Luca Bella, 22, Lola Ray, 17, and Fiona, 13. Instead of teaching her girls makeup hacks from years on TV and the red carpet, she instills a “less is more” approach. “They don’t wear a lot of makeup,” said Garth. “I teach them about letting their natural beauty shine through.” When they do apply cosmetics, however, Garth advises them knowingly. “I’ve taught my girls to never go to bed without washing their face,” she said. “Never sleep with makeup on or street grime!” 

Apart from cleansing, Garth has another important ritual she ascribes to regularly: meditation. The practice has become a game changer for her, and she has resolved to do it more often in 2020. Before the new year kicked off, we caught up with the star during a cannoli-making class at Sur La Table® in New York City to celebrate the kitchenware retailer’s partnership with Shipt℠, a grocery delivery service. In our interview, Garth shared the beauty hack she recently learned, the DIY beauty product she makes at home, and her stance on anti-aging.

Jennie Garth Skincare


Spotlyte: Have you learned any tips and tricks from being on TV and red carpets throughout the years?

Jennie Garth: I love fake eyelashes, but I could never put them on. So recently, my makeup artist, Jill Powell, taught me how to put them on myself. I haven’t yet got an opportunity to, because I don’t wear them around my home.

Spotlyte: How has your makeup routine changed since you’ve had kids?

JG: I don’t wear a lot of makeup. I don’t care as much. I spend minimal time. In normal life, I keep it very simple and basic. Lately, I’ve just been a no mascara and lipstick person. I zhuzh it up with a little lipstick [sometimes], but I don’t like wearing makeup. My skin doesn’t like it. 

Spotlyte: Has motherhood changed your skincare regimen as well?

JG: I cleanse, and I use one product that’s a product that I make at home. It’s essential oils, hyaluronic acid, witch hazel toner, and a couple of other ingredients that are natural from my house that I put together and spray on my face. I love a face mist, quite honestly. I love the way it feels. That’s my moisturizer. That’s my anti-aging. That’s my everything.

Spotlyte: Speaking of anti-aging, what’s your take on it?

JG: It doesn’t make sense, “anti-aging.” The term just doesn’t work. You are going to age. People are aging. There’s no “anti” about it. I think that you need to take care of yourself along the way. It’s convention. It’s not a cure — for sure. Who wants a cure to getting older, evolving, and growing? I try to keep looking as good as I can, and I do the best I can.

Jennie Garth Skincare


Spotlyte: What inspired you to create DIY skincare?

JG: I was sick of looking at the label and not being able to identify the ingredients, and thinking, “I don’t know what that is. It doesn’t sound good for my skin or eyes or whatever it’s spraying onto,” so I just started making it myself.

Spotlyte: Besides making skincare at home, what else do you like to do in your spare time?

JG: I spend a lot of time with my dogs. They make me happy. I have a goldendoodle, Pearl, a labradoodle, Andy, and a rescue chihuahua terrier, Buddy, and a tiny Mi-Ki. She’s 14 and totally blind. She lives in her little teepee and she doesn’t come out very much, but she’s cute.

Spotlyte: How else do you practice self-care?

JG: Meditation is another big part of it. I try to meditate every day. I will go through periods where I don’t get it done, and I notice that my mental state is not quite as good as it could be. I’m not that regimented. It ebbs and flows. When I’m in a groove of meditating every day, I crave it. I need to have my 15 minutes of time of just myself, and to shut it all down and regroup. 

Spotlyte: Do you have a mantra while you’re meditating or during stressful situations

JG: I have a lot. Any given situation calls for a different one, but I gravitate towards, “Everything’s going to be OK.”