Makeup Artist-Recommended Eyebrow Gels to Fill, Sculpt, and Set — All Under $15

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If you and your eyebrows survived the ‘90s, you know that there was nothing precise or careful about how we groomed our brows back then. There was no talk of the best shape for your face, no consideration of their color — just that they needed to be skinny. Today, the philosophy towards brows has completely evolved. Arches are now flawlessly full, defined, and manicured, and this once-overlooked feature now has the potential to make or break the rest of your beauty look. After all, a good pair can prove the perfect frame to your features, while sparse or spotty strands can detract from an otherwise flawless face (more on how you could be ruining your brows here).

As carefully filled-in brows became trendy, prestige brands launched a broad range of product options, from pencils and powders to waxes and gels, yet it was challenging to find these formulas at an affordable price point. Luckily, these days, more and more drugstore brands are developing sophisticated products for getting the look, and makeup artists are counting themselves as fans. Whether you’re looking to set, shape, or fill (hello fibers!), read on for a range of budget-friendly gel formulas pros swear by for achieving next-level brows in a pinch.