Why Danuta Mieloch, Founder of Rescue Spa, Puts Some Clients on “Skincare Diets”

Why Danuta Mieloch, Founder of Rescue Spa, Puts Some Clients on “Skincare Diets”

“I’m generally a humble person,” says 53-year-old esthetician Danuta Mieloch, “but there’s one thing I know: I give the best facial in the world.” Mieloch — the Polish beauty behind Rescue Spa℠ — has loved skincare since toddlerhood. She credits most of her early fascination to her sisters, who are nine and 10 years older than she. “When I was about four years old and my sisters were teenagers, they started breaking out,” she recalls. “They became very concerned with the way they looked.”  

Mieloch believes that societal standards magnified her sisters’ concerns. In Poland, skin quality is paramount. “[Your skin] is like your passport,” she explains. “Most Polish women have beautiful skin, so I was worried about my sisters.” Determined to help her siblings, she grew obsessed with cleansing, masking, and everything in between. “When other young girls were playing with toys, I was mixing creams,” she says. “It was just something I was super passionate about.” 

Little did she know that her early passions would lead to her opening one of the most esteemed spas in the United States. At 25, Mieloch moved to New York City to attend the prestigious Atelier Esthétique®. It was there that she was exposed to many of the cult-classic brands she swears by today, including Biologique Recherche®. As if by fate, Mieloch met Biologique’s founders, Madame Josette and Dr. Yven Allouche, who happened to be visiting New York City from Paris. Immediately, she was impressed with their skincare philosophies, which centered around microcurrents and gentle exfoliation. “Dr. Allouche was a visionary magician,” Mielcoh says, recalling her initial impression. She was so impressed, in fact, that she eventually moved to Paris to train directly with Dr. Allouche. 

In the early 2000s, Mieloch returned to Manhattan, where she was working at various salons in the city. Though she was pursuing her passion, she felt like there was more she could be doing; the salons didn’t have the range of products and hi-tech equipment she knew were necessary for her to perform her best work. “I was completely at the mercy of the spa owners,” she says. “But I think the best ideas often come from frustration.” 

The esthetician dreamed of opening her own salon; a playground of different machines and products that would allow her to give the best possible facial. In 2004, this dream blossomed into Rescue Spa. The spa’s first location was in Philadelphia — a city that seemed to be lacking skincare-centric spas. A little over a decade later, Mieloch decided she was ready to open a second location. “New York was always the dream, because I used to live there and partially feel like a New Yorker,” she says. One day, while sitting at ABC Cocina® in the city’s Flatiron District, she noticed space for rent and figured it must be fate. Mieloch signed the lease, and in 2017, the celestial beauty palace that is New York’s Rescue Spa opened its doors. 

Today, the esthetician has ushered in a long list of celebrity clients, rave reviews, and a team of over 150 employees. She has continued to adapt to the changing landscape of skincare, while maintaining her focus on effective products and technologies above all else. Read on to discover the magic behind Mieloch’s treatments, her thoughts on female entrepreneurship, and how the Rescue Spa founder keeps her skin youthful and glowing at 53.