How to “Lift” Your Brows at Home, According to Celebrity Brow Stylist Joey Healy

how to shape eyebrows

Brow shapes ebb in and out of style: Juxtapose the thin, comma-lika silhouette of the “‘90s brow” with the oppositional plushness of the full, “feathered brow” trending today. (Lest we forget the “Instagram® brow,” a painted, chiseled structure reserved for the true artists among us.) Whatever the brow à la mode, one thing holds true: a good arch is always in. 

“The arch is defined as the highest point in the brow,” explains celebrity brow stylist Joey Healy, whose clients include Vanessa Hudgens, Kyra Sedgwick, and Bethenny Frankel. Though simple in concept, a good arch is “imperative to having a youthful-, modern-, and clean-looking eyebrow.” It can also create a wide-eyed, lifted look — which, in turn, can contribute to an overall more lifted, youthful-looking visage (our brows tend to fall and flatten with age). Alas, harnessing the power of a good arch isn’t necessarily second nature. To demystify, we asked Joey Healy to spill his secrets for elevating your arch to its highest potential.