TreatMEnt of the Week

Watch As 1 Veteran Editor Bravely Tries Fire Cupping In the Name of Relaxation

Sounds scary, but is it?

If you think about it, some beauty lovers are akin to intrepid explorers: they bravely try out new, innovative treatments that could sound a little nerve-wracking — all in the name of skin, beauty, and health benefits. One such audacious experimenter is Cheryl Kramer Kaye, veteran beauty editor and SpotlyteTM writer. In this edition of TreatMEnt of the WeekTM, she heads to New York City’s Yinova® Center, an acclaimed clinic that specializes in traditional Chinese medicine, to test out fire cupping.

Yes, that’s right — you read the word fire. Fire cupping combines the ancient tradition of cupping, a therapeutic technique that uses glass cups and vacuum suction to help reduce muscle tension, with the heat produced by fire to deliver deeper benefits, soothe pain, and promote circulation. Sounds intense, but is it really? Watch as Cheryl fearlessly tries the treatment, and learn more about its advantages — just don’t try fire cupping at home!

Complimentary treatment was provided to the author for the purpose of writing this article.

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