How Beauty Publicist Liv Lewis Is Helping Brands Find Their Purpose

Beauty Publicist Liv Lewis

Finding a niche in an ever-evolving beauty world is no easy task. Much like every other area of the business, beauty PR is a completely different ball game today than it was even five years ago. Amid the masses of brands, influencers, and media outlets struggling to find and redefine their identities in the age of social media, Liv Lewis is working behind-the-scenes with one underlying goal in mind — purpose. 

Lewis started her career in the throes of agency PR over 15 years ago, after graduating from the University of Maryland®, College Park, with a communications degree. After a post-baccalaureate internship at a boutique firm in Paris, and working as a temp for Unilever Cosmetics InternationalTM stateside, Lewis realized that her calling was beauty PR.  “As I was interviewing for full-time work, one of my colleagues at Calvin Klein® gave me advice that informed my career,” she recalls. “She said that in-house roles were great, but if I really wanted to learn the fundamentals of PR, working at a public relations agency was where I would learn the most and at a fast pace.” From there, she became an Assistant Account Executive working on launch strategies and media relations outreach for accounts like Neutrogena®, Bath and Body Works®, and more.

Since then, she’s navigated her way into an executive role, which has become about so much more than helping new products hit shelves — and that evolution of her job wasn’t by chance. Lewis specifically strove to hone in on the projects and people she felt most passionate about, and the fact that she was often one of the only women of color at the table in meetings helped her to shift her focus. Today, she works to create a more normalized presence for women of color — the largest consumer category — in the beauty space. Here, she shares the not-so-straight, but lesson-filled road she’s taken to find her personal and professional purpose.