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Don’t Keep It a Secret! Here’s How to Talk About Injectables In Your Friend Group

 Discussing Fillers and Injectables

Does not imply people featured in the photograph were treated with injectables.

As injectable wrinkle reducers and fillers become more and more common in women’s aesthetic routines, naturally, the conversations around them are evolving too. Open dialogue about procedures, practitioners, and basic questions — Do injections hurt? What’s the downtime? Will I bruise? — are becoming the norm in some circles. But that doesn’t mean that everyone is comfortable and confident talking about injectables . . . yet. 

Itching to break the ice in your friend group? Don’t be nervous — chances are, they’re equally as intrigued and excited to chat injectables as you are! We spoke with a handful of women who shared their advice on how to get the conversation flowing amongst your friends. From attending a panel to heading to happy hour, see how these four women successfully introduced medical aesthetics treatment talk into their respective circles. After all, as one woman said, “I truly believe that the more information and experience we share, the better our results will be. There’s no need for secrets.” Hear, hear!

Editor's Note

Injectable wrinkle reducers temporarily smooth the look of moderate to severe wrinkles in certain areas of the face, including the forehead, frown lines, and crow’s feet; they should not be used more frequently than every three months. Injectable filler is a temporary treatment that adds volume to areas of the face such as the lips, cheeks, and laugh lines. Like any medical treatment, both injectable wrinkle reducers and injectable fillers have potential risks and side effects. Talk to a licensed provider to see if they’re right for you. 

Name: Annie
Age: 32
Occupation: Radio Producer
Location: Hollywood, California

Her suggestion: “Bring it up at happy hour! A little buzz makes everyone a bit less inhibited. Talking with your friends is a great way to get first-hand stories and experiences so you know what to expect. Or, if the situation is reversed, you can share with your friends what you’ve learned.” 

Name: Cassie
Age: 36
Occupation: Manager
Location: Los Angeles, California

Her suggestion: “Send a meme to their DMs! There’s nothing that gets me and my friends talking more than a good meme — I think it would be the perfect ice breaker.” 

Name: Jen
Age: 34
Occupation: Trainer
Location: Hollywood, California

Her suggestion: “Attend a panel or an education event. I went to a wonderful panel on injectable wrinkle reducers and filler at a dermatology boutique in West Hollywood. It was so informative and created a really nice atmosphere to have an open Q&A session. I went as a guest of my good friend, and it’s made talking about them so much easier.” 

Name: Chrissy
Age: 31
Occupation: Sales Associate 
Location: Santa Monica, California

Her suggestion: “Start the conversation yourself! If none of your friends have brought it up, why not be the first one to talk about it? Chances are, they’re probably thinking about it too. Be the leader in your group and break the ice!”