What to Cut Out of Your Diet For Better Skin, According to Drs. Gary and Kristina Goldenberg

foods good for skin

You’ve probably heard the old adage “you are what you eat” hundreds of times by now. From laypeople, the phrase seems nebulous and unwarranted — I’ll be a flaky baklava if I want to! — but from board-certified Manhattan dermatologists and spouses Gary and Kristina Goldenberg, MD, it’s medical advice that could make a real difference in your skin. 

The power couple takes a holistic approach to skincare, opting not to just treat their patients externally with the latest technological innovations and topical formulas, but also internally, via recommendations on diet and supplements. “We really are believers that beauty is from the inside out,” says Dr. Gary. Here, they share some of their suggestions for what not to eat for a clearer complexion, how food affects the skin, and even divulge the treatments they personally swear by.