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7 Hand Sanitizers That Are As Stylish As They Are Practical

Hand Sanitizers to Fend Off Germs

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Hand sanitizer shares some surprising similarities with sunscreen. Both protect from potentially-harmful, inevitable aspects of the outside world; both come in varying degrees of effectiveness and cosmetic elegance; and — perhaps most importantly — hand sanitizer, like sunscreen, is only effective if you actually use it. 

Just like I’m more inclined to wear a sunscreen that imparts an ethereal glow, I’m more likely to apply a hand sanitizer with bells and whistles, too. Namely, I’m drawn to chic packaging, moisturizing benefits, and/or a decidedly non-sterile scent. Give me one or all of these qualities, and watch me sanitize my hands every single time I touch a NYC subway pole. 

That said: I am by no means eschewing good ol’ Purell® and its clinical counterparts. (This genre of hand sanitizer, often found in hospitals and schools, almost always meets the CDC’s recommended minimum of 60 percent alcohol content; fancier formulas can be more of a gamble.) I’m merely pointing out the fact that, during a time when germs are multiplying like bunnies, a hand sanitizer that smells of leather and feels like suede could make us all a bit more inclined to use the stuff. 

Below, seven of the chicest, cheekiest, and downright coolest hand sanitizers on the market: From lotion-like formulas that moisturize as they cleanse to sprays that’ll stir memories of beach vacations.

Byredo® Suede® Rinse-Free Hand Wash

Byredo® Suede® Rinse-Free Hand Wash

“Byredo” and “hand sanitizer” are two terms you’d think wouldn’t fit in the same sentence — and, technically, this is a “rinse-free hand wash.” The alcohol-spiked, gel-like concoction has legitimate germ-killing prowess. But, it’s the luxurious, musky-sweet scent and svelte packaging that really set it apart. I’d even venture to say that this sanitizer makes for an excellent gift.

Touchland® Power Mist™ in Watermelon

Touchland® Power MistTM in Watermelon

The vibrant, Warholian aesthetic of these ultra-slim spritzers is only the beginning of their appeal; don’t miss the positively luscious scents, which range from watermelon to vanilla cinnamon. 

Everyone™ Natural Hand Sanitizer Spray 

EveryoneTM Natural Hand Sanitizer Spray 

This spritzable sanitizer smells of coconut and lemon, and mists as lightly as a breeze over the ocean. Its beachy scent quells cold weather woes — as well as the germs that tend to thrive in chilly climates.

Dr. Bronner’s® Organic Hand Sanitizer, Lavender

Dr. Bronner’s® Organic Hand Sanitizer, Lavender

Given lavender’s longstanding association with tranquility, its starring role in this hand sanitizer makes perfect sense. (Who among us hasn’t felt a pang of nervousness in an office full of coughing colleagues, after all?) A simple spritz of this 62 percent alcohol-based elixir simultaneously soothes the senses and helps annihilate germs.  

Aesop® Resurrection™ Rinse-Free Hand Wash 

Aesop® ResurrectionTM Rinse-Free Hand Wash 

This alcohol-based formula proves that disinfectants needn’t be dumpy-looking. With notes of rosemary and cedar, it proves they can smell divine to boot. 

Hempz® Triple Moisture Moisturizing Herbal Hand Sanitizer

Hempz® Triple Moisture Moisturizing Herbal Hand Sanitizer

Forget what you believe about hand sanitizer sucking previous moisture from your skin. This formula balances potentially drying alcohol with a blend of shea butter, glycerin, and coconut oil. Plus, it smells like sweet citrus. 

Megababe® Squeaky Clean Hand Sanitizer 

Megababe® Squeaky Clean Hand Sanitizer 

The latest launch from Katie Sturino’s personal care brand is sure to leave you, well, squeaky clean: This zestily-scented gel kills 99.9 percent of germs. It also leaves hands seriously silky, thanks to aloe (a humectant) and oils of sweet almond and marula. 

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