Injectable Wrinkle Reducers

Real Talk: 5 Women Share How Their Friends Found Out They Get Injectable Wrinkle Reducers

woman talk about injectables

Does not imply the people featured in the photograph were treated with injectable wrinkle reducers.

The decision to get injectable wrinkle reducers is unequivocally personal (and one that can remain private!), yet more and more people are opening up to their friends and family about their treatments. We love this trend. After all, topics are only taboo if you treat them like they are!

If you’ve gotten something done and are on the fence about divulging that information to your inner circle, consider that your friends are likely dying to get the scoop — and that interest typically comes not from a place of judgment, but of curiosity. We’re learning that people are intrigued by the category of injectables and are in need of a reliable, trusted source (like you, a friend!) to share their real experiences before booking a consultation themselves. 

For some people, their paths to being transparent about treatments are straightforward — to the point that many schedule their injectables appointments for Galentine’s Day, date night, and everything in between. However, others end up sharing their temporary smoothing secret by accident. Ultimately, though, the reveal usually results in an empowering and informative dialogue — and sometimes, a new convert to the treatment. Ahead, five women share how their friends found out they had gotten injectable wrinkle reducers.

Editor's Note

Injectable wrinkle reducers are used to temporarily smooth the look of moderate to severe wrinkles in certain areas of the face such as the forehead, frown lines, and crow’s feet. They should not be used more frequently than every three months. Like any medical treatment, they have potential risks and side effects. Be sure to talk to a licensed provider to see if they’re right for you. 

Name: Morgan
Age: 30
Occupation: TV Journalist
Location: Brentwood, California

Her story: “I started getting injectable wrinkle reducers years ago and never told my friends; [I currently don’t have visible wrinkles], because I am consistent with my treatments. They just weren’t something that I talked about openly — I’m not sure why. Then one day, I was talking to my friend and told her I’d just left a wrinkle reducer appointment. She was like, ‘What? Did you get them for the first time?’ That’s when I caved and told her I had been getting them for about six years already.”

Name: Michelle
Age: 28
Occupation: Dance Instructor
Location: Downtown Los Angeles, California

Her story: “I had told one of my best friends, but didn’t tell her that I hadn’t told anyone else. On an outing with a few other friends, she made a comment along the lines of ‘your injectable wrinkle reducers are really [starting to work] so nicely,’ which of course, prompted a bunch of questions from the peanut gallery. At that moment, I remember feeling embarrassed and annoyed — even though it totally wasn’t her fault, because I should have told her I wanted to keep it hush — but looking back now, who cares if they know, right?”

Name: Katie
Age: 27
Occupation: Marketing
Location: Brentwood, California

Her story: "I never really meant to hide it from my friends, I just hadn't told anyone besides my older sister. Because she had done it before, I had asked her for advice and for recommendations for practitioners. After going to my second treatment, my sister called while I was driving with a friend, and I answered on speaker. My sister asked about the appointment . . . and that's how my friend found out."

Name: Dani 
Age: 27
Occupation: Account Executive
Location: Manhattan Beach, California

Her story: “I have really fair, sensitive skin, and I bruise easily. One time, after my injectable wrinkle reducer appointment, I got a pretty dark purple bruise right above the cheekbone (where my crow’s feet were injected), and it was impossible to cover up. I didn’t want to lie, so when my friend asked what happened, I told her.” 

Name: Letica
Age: 29
Occupation: Stylist 
Location: Venice, California

Her story: “I was too scared to go alone, so I forced [my friend] to go with me! I guess she found out [what it was] as I was getting it done. I’m really glad I had someone with me. She ended up getting a consultation and getting her own treatment shortly thereafter.”