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I’m in a different plastic surgeon’s office every week. As a Social Media Editor for SpotlyteTM, it’s part of my job to capture content and learn about the latest professional treatments and procedures available on the market. Until this past year, however, I’d never actually been to a plastic surgeon to get a medical-grade skin treatment myself. I was overwhelmed by the sheer variety of treatments I’d learned about — including dermaplaning, EMS microcurrent, and microneedling — and wasn’t sure which one was right for me. That changed as soon as I learned about the High Gloss Microlaser Peel®.

Editor's Note

As always, talk to your doctor before starting any new treatment.

The High Gloss Microlaser Peel is the signature, minimally-invasive treatment offered by board-certified plastic surgeon David Cangello, MD at his private practice on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. I was immediately intrigued because the treatment combines two elements — PRP (platelet-rich plasma) and a fractional laser — that I had read so much about on Spotlyte, and had been dying to try for myself.

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