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Meet the Entrepreneur Behind the Trendy Hand Sanitizer You’re Seeing on Instagram

Touchland Hand Sanitizer Founder Andrea Lisbona

When Andrea Lisbona traveled from her native Barcelona, Spain, to USC’s® Marshall School of Business℠ for a semester, something stood out to her: Virtually all of her classmates carried the same three items. “Mobile, keys, and hand sanitizer,” recounts the Touchland® CEO and founder. And she heard the same complaints about hand sanitizer from everyone — it smells like alcohol, it feels sticky, it makes skin dry, or it spilled all over their bag. It was a lightbulb moment.

Lisbona took those complaints as both a miniature focus group and a personal challenge, leading her to one question: How could she make hand sanitizer better? “I have always been a big fan of Steve Jobs and [his philosophy of] reinventing stuff that isn’t good enough,” she explains. “I was fascinated that, for years, no one thought about making a product people actually enjoy using.” After business school, Lisbona set off to learn more about the hand-sanitizer industry, working in distribution for a company based in Europe. In 2015, she decided it was time to strike out on her own.

As luck would have it, an international manufacturer was looking for a start-up to partner with and incubate at the same time. “They ended up investing over $1 million in dedicated equipment and FDA testing and everything,” says Lisbona, who is in her mid-thirties and now lives in Miami. “And that allowed us to dream big.” Touchland officially hit the United States in November 2018, appearing in retailers that might seem weird for a hand sanitizer — think Urban Outfitters® and Revolve® versus the usual drugstore chain. But that was all part of Lisbona’s plan to turn Touchland into a beauty product. Let’s just say, she’s succeeded: As of a few weeks ago, Touchland is now sold at Ulta®, and the beauty behemoth has already placed four reorders.

Here, Lisbona shares how she made that happen, as well as her own beauty philosophy and habits.